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They make me laugh everyday...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Its Almost June and the sky opened up and poured on us tonight.
I would love to throw some sort of tantrum and freak out over all this rain. But I just can't over something I can't control.

The one nice thing is my laziness won't have to fill up Max's water bowl (he is an inside dog, but because of the amount of water that drips out of his mouth when he drinks and the cheapness of our hardwood floors, his water dish is an outside dish)

Thankfully the rain held off long enough for Emilie's preschool class to enjoy their last day together and they could all play at the park together as a class one last time.

Check out her super fast reflexes. She is such an awesome helper! whoa Molly 

Emilie finished her first year of pre-school with her teacher "Mrs Kim." 
Colin also had Kim for his 3's preschool class and hopefully Molly will too. I just love that she has been in our lives that long. Emilie's 4's teacher is also the same teacher Colin had and we can't wait to have Corinne back in our lives!!

What could make a dog this happy? Other then these three kiddos giving him love.

His favorite kiddo brushing him with her own brush.
 Emilie {heart} Max

Even with the nasty 'Ole rain' making a comeback we had a great day.

Monday, May 23, 2011

for just a moment...

For 3 short days we had the wonderful sun back with all of its warmth and love. Just long enough for us to get use to it and beg  it to stay for just one more or 90 days. As fast as it showed up it disappeared and left in its place rain and gray clouds.
In those three days we spent our time outside playing, cooking,  eating,  napping and of course blowing bubbles.
Molly had her first fudge Popsicle and because she is so nice she shared it with her whole face.

Colin was once again sick. This time with an ear infection. He said that playing in the sun was all the medicine he needed. sorry buddy last time I checked the sun's rays weren't made out of amoxicillin.

At least the chives are loving the rain and the little bit of sun

Little miss has been trying and trying to blow bubbles. And wouldn't you know it all of her hard work finally payed off.

Colin could care less about blowing his own bubbles. He likes to go new school and use the bubble guns. They push out way more bubbles and you can run around in circles with them.

He can also blow a bazillion of them at his napping parents.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another trip...another sick kid.

We headed back up to Whidbey Island last weekend for a much needed do nothing day for me and a playing in the dirt piles, running in the grass chasing bubbles and catching little bugs for the kiddos and Max. It really is as perfect as it sounds. My cell phone doesn't work up there, time moves at the perfect pace and the beer is always cold.

Even Molly is mellow up there. Maybe thats why I hate to leave?

This trip Max's bro Duke got to come up and Max was in Dog heaven. These amazing dogs have been together since birth and are only separated when Duke lives at my sisters (which is all of the time because he is her's) But I try to steal him away to our home as often as I can. I love their sibling relationship because it reminds me so much of my own relationship with my sister. Like them we are so different but also so very alike.
the boys 
{Max on the left, Duke on the right}

This year my sister added a new member to their family.
Give a big hello to Louie!

He is 8 pounds of awesome!

And the boys love him!

On this trip Colin was still worn down from being sick the last couple of weeks and did this all day instead of riding his motorcycle. He loved every minute of it.  The next day he had a cold.  Awesome....

This little biker mama gave it try instead

When Colin wasn't playing in the dirt piles he was hanging in the truck with my moms little pup Tetley watching a movie.

Doug was on his motorcycle trip with some friends in Oregon and Emilie was bringing Jeffs boat up from Seattle with my mom. So most of the day was just me and Molly. Wondering around, eating snacks and just enjoying doing nothing not to important. My sister came up later in the day so she could also enjoy doing nothing.

Another thing about the island that I love is there is always a salty sea breeze

While we wondered around doing nothing Emilie was getting ready to take her first 4 hour cruise on Jeff's fishing boat with my mom, Jeff and my sisters son Jack. Jeff keeps the boat down in Seattle all winter and then brings it up to the island a few weeks before he heads up to Alaska to fish for 5 months. Fisherman choose such an amazing lifestyle. But one that my family benefits from with a full freezer of salmon. Thank you Jeff for being a fisherman and for letting my family tag along on some of your journeys and take over your driveway.

I love that my mom takes these photos of the kiddos on their trips threw the Ballard locks and up the Puget Sound. Its weird not being there with them but a trip they love taking without me and having Grammy all to themselves.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

we wait...

At least once a week the girls are left waiting for Colin to finish up doing something. 
School, T-ball, gymnastics and then t-ball, again.
When the sun is shining it really isn't that bad having to wait.

As long as there are dandelions Emilie will be happy.

As long as Emilie is there Molly will be happy.
 iPhone pictures

I am so excited that the weekend is almost here! Colin gets to ride his dirt bike , Emilie gets to take her first 4 hour trip on Jeff's boat with my mom and Jeff to Oak Harbor and I get to work at the See Kai Run warehouse sale Saturday! If you are near Woodinville, WA Saturday AM stop by their sale. Their shoes are amazing. and if you go to their web site check out Emilie under the Fresh Spring Looks banner.

Friday, May 6, 2011

and this week...

was soooooooo long. Colin got the nasty bug that Emile had, but his lasted for 6 long days. Molly also got it but was done within 3 days.
By the time the week was over it was time for Emilie's  mother's day tea party at school.
Whats that? Mothers day is coming up? Oh.......

First she showed me that their Caterpillars hatched....into butterflies. Very cool. 
Why didn't we have this cool stuff when we were in school?

Next stop,  tea and cookies. She took her job very seriously. 

Even though she brought them to me, she ate all of them.

Patiently waiting to bring me her gift.

Such a special gift! I was surprise how much it meant to me. Ever since my dad  passed away hand prints have never been the same to me. We made a hand print of his hand after he died and it made me realize how important the little things are and how nice it is to have something to touch once someone is gone. Seeing her little hand in clay was a lot for this mama to take.

Tonight was the second night these three little one's spent in the same room. They all moved into the same room two nights ago so we could make Colin's room  the toy/play room. I love it, they love it but Molly is taking some time getting use to the fact that she needs to STAY IN BED. {She moved out of her crib last week}
She will get there before I know it. What I do know is they are an amazing group of kiddos and I am so lucky to have them.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life...The Holstee Manifesto

I love, love, love this.
I wish I could be more like this. 
If anything I hope to help my kiddos live their dreams and wear their passion!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Best May day!

This little dude loves to ride his motorcycle. But because of where we live and the ages of the girls its hard for us to go to any old place for him to ride. The last time he got to ride his dirt bike was in Montana last July. Thats a long time ago. He seems to be OK with it and doesn't complain because he understands. But when an awesome opportunity comes up  and we can go someplace for him to ride he is not about to let a 101 degree fever stop him. We figured the drive/ferry ride to Oak Harbor would be a nice break for him and if he wasn't up for riding there was still an amazing lunch being made, the beach to explore and an extra bonus the carnival was also in town.
Emilie could care less about the dirt bike part she was so excited for the beach and could not get much better for that little girl.

Once we got to our new FAVORITE place you would never know that 2 out of 3 kiddos were sick.
We also got to bring Max.! This property is such a dream. It has everything Doug and I would ever want in our own property. 
Property to walk, land to work, room for chickens, a big old work garage and a view of the ocean and mountains. It was   great reminder that we need property. Not just because  space is awesome but emotionally that is what I need. minus the ocean view. There is no way we could get that part. 

The amazing folks that made this day possible and Colin fan club.

On his first ride of the season, #119 COLIN!

Even though her brother was getting a ton of attention Emilie was on cloud nine. She had millions of dandelions to pick. Or as she calls them dandy flowers. She has been waiting not so patiently since last fall for those yellow faced weeds to be back and the magic they become when they turn white and fluffy.

Not to be left out of the fun.

Next activity... magical bubbles. 
Bubbles are so awesome! How could they not make you smile. Bubbles are one of those awesome things you forget about until you become a parent and you wonder why you ever stopped. Also on that list, LEGO's, blocks and naps.

Bubble machines should be on everyone's top 5 list of things they must have.

Easy rider...that bike looks a little small for you....
I have about 50 more pictures of him riding Colin's bike and a few videos, but those will have to wait for another day. :-)

It was nice to see her so happy.

After a little break and some Motrin he was back at it. He is such a tough little kid. It probably sounds like I was making him go ride even though he was sick, but this was all him. This was exactly what he needed. Sunshine and a dirt bike.


I thought my baby wearing days were over. 
I thought wrong. This little one was also sick and needed some mom time.
I hope one day when she is older she finds this picture.

******Next stop. Carnival!***** 
This was Emilie and Molly's first time. You would never know that by how brave they were on every ride.

My original plan was to have Molly chill in the stroller. That wasn't her plan.

This silly helicopter ride was too little for Colin. The carnie lady told him he was too tall.
Emilie had no problem enjoying the ride all by herself. Especially knowing that Colin was too big.
So "too big" Colin went to....

Something bigger and better!

The older kiddos finished off the rides with a fun rollercoasterish ride.

You can't leave a carnival without spending a few dollars on fishing games.

Last stop before heading home.
Sunset beach

Everything Emilie did Molly tried to do. Do you think she was thinking "I can do that better." or "that's really cool and I want to try it."
I'm sure I will know soon enough.


Do you think Emilie was thinking "I love you sister." or "What if I pushed Molly into the water? Would mom get mad?"

{Our Family}

Worlds best rock skipper... according to his family. (Isn't that all that matters)

Phew...that was a long and FANTASTIC day! Even with the 3 hour drive on each end, 2 sick kids, gas that cost a bazillion dollars a gallon it was all still worth it and I can't wait to do it again and again and again. 
Minus the carnival. I can only do that maybe once a year.

This was also our first time back since my dad passed away 4 years ago and my mom moved off of the island. Instead of being sad and full of memories it was perfect and full of great memories! Even walking on the same beach  my dad loved to walk on wasn't hard. Just really nice to be on with my family.

What a great May 1st!!

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