Colin, Emilie & Molly

They make me laugh everyday...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When I first had my second born I always wondered how I was going to find separate time with each of them. But I did and it really wasn't that hard.
Then when miss Molly joined us I thought there was going to be no way I would be able to find separate time with the 3 of them.
Today was the first time I took molly somewhere fun (not doctor, errands, ext.) without her brother or sister. It was so great. She has such a fun personality and it's really easy to be around her.
So off we went (thanks to Big molly 's info) to Fox Hollow family farm...

First stop...chickens
She loved watching them scratch around and yell at each other

Then she spotted a rooster in the bushes

And what a handsome rooster he is

Then he crock a doodled doed and that was the icing on the cake

Next stop...petting goats, pigs, sheep's oh my!

I wanted a picture of her petting one of the sweet farm animals but she wasn't going to have it.

She needed her mama to stay close....ahaha

Cute hair shot...

This time of year the spiders are everywhere. why is that? I should google it.  They all look like this one. Tan with stripes. This little lady was making her web and I couldn't resit the urge to take a photo of it.

She was fascinated with one of the baby peacocks and its fascination with the bunnies. This was also my first time seeing a baby peacock. they really aren't that cute.

This dude or dudette on the other hand....AWESOME!

It was great.


While the girls slept this afternoon I got my time with Colin. And my time with him means a lot. It does with the girls too but now that he has started school the opportunities will be less and less.
He rode his bike and I ran. It was perfect. We both did one of favorite things and we got to do them together.

After Doug left for work and the kiddos got done inhaling dinner I let them in on a surprise... Let soak up the last of the sun and walk to town for some ice cream! And when I say town I mean McDonald's down by Safeway.

Off we went...soaking up the sun.

The cones were giant and dipped in yummy chocolate. Emilie was in heaven!

Sooooo good...

I think she was in shock that she was getting some.

Emilie gave molly the last of her cone. Molly ate it like a treasure that someone would take away from her at any moment.

I love days like today...Tomorrow is Molly's Dr check up with shots. Sorry little one...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

if I had a million dollars...

I would hire someone to clean my bathrooms. I HATE cleaning my bathrooms. We have a little house with three little bathrooms and it still sucks. I'm constantly having a stand off with myself. Should I clean them today? Nope, not today. It usually takes a kid throwing up or some other crazy situation to get me in there with cleaning supplies.
The crazy situation that got me in there yesterday was Molly's need to raise herself and now potty train herself. You go girl! Let me know if you need a wipe.
But I can't have my little Molls climbing up down a nasty potty. I do have my limits.

anyway my husband has his limits and one of them is a nasty toilet seat. He changes toilet seats like Emilie changes outfits. ALL OF THE TIME. When we moved in he changed the plastic ones to wood then the wooden ones back to plastic because the wood on the underside stains, etc. But this new round of seats are awesome! Especially for someone like me who waits until all craziness before I clean them.

They come completely off with a little click! Genius!!

Now I have the cleanest toilet and toilet seat!! Don't be too jealous. I'm sure he will hate these for some stupid reason and change them out next week.

I finally laced up these giants and am loving it. My 5 weeks of do nothing except eat and complain about being sick really didn't help my thighs, gut and brain. I ran 3 days in a row and ran too far each time. But why not! My running play-list is AWESOME and I haven't heard it in 5 weeks. It was like seeing an old friend that knows just what to say to make me feel better. Maybe not but you know what I mean. I'm taking today off to let everything in my body regroup before I jet out the door tomorrow. And yes Ann Marie I will run toooooooooooo far again. hahahahahaha jokes on me, I know.


 I can't stop taking pictures of these sweet little feet. I think because one day she is going to have my giant feet and we will both look back a her "little" feet pictures and smile. Or at least I will. she will probably be telling me what an awful mother I am and its all my fault she gets made fun of in gym.
ahaha the teen years.....

At least she is doing her part now torturing me with her climbing skills and obsession with the phone.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I bought this Polly Pocket swimming pool thing awhile back for Emilie way before little Molly graced us with her presence. The thing is so cheesy and is always falling apart but Emilie Loves it. When we first got it she played with it everyday getting water everywhere. Then I hid it....Then she found it and told me to please not hide it again.
those damn Polly's....Molly loves them. she loves to eat their shoes, little tops, cute tiny skirts and this morning she kept shoving in her mouth the little tiny Polly clothes hangers.
You would think I would get smart and not let all of those tiny things lay all over the floor. But I'm not. i just keep hoping, like the stairs Molly will just figure it out.
After all, 3rd Born's pretty much just raise themselves. (That's why they are so awesome)

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

I really don't have it that bad...

I know I complained about having to walk Max across the street to pee. But I really don't have it that bad. Its a great park that rarely has other folks in it when we are there and the view is....


Ask me how great it is when it is pouring rain, freezing cold or better yet snowing.
 did you see the hill on the right side of the top picture?
That is the same hill that causes butt loads of craziness whenever the roads freeze. 2 years ago only 2 cars hit the wall next to our home. Any bets on this year?


Its been 5 weeks since I last ran any distance. 5 weeks ago I also bought a much needed pair of running shoes. Giant running shoes. Here they sat waiting, and waiting.
Not anymore! I ran for the first time since pneumonia took over my life and it felt awesome. Well not at the time. But afterwards when I realized I survived. It was only three miles but I was pushing my girls and my guys were cheering me on the whole way. It's going to take awhile to get back to running an hour everyday. At least I'm able to get out there again!


Little man had his open house at school this week. He was so excited to share his school with us.
Here he is in front of his coat and backpack spot.

Colin showing me
what he does in the reading area of the room                                                             and Em had to too

His interpretation of chicka chicka boom boom

And of himself.
They looked in a mirror first then did the drawing.
I'm not sure what I love more. the nose or the teeth

when we got home we had a snack and Molly once again reminded me that she is growing up too fast.
And she is the only one that will smile when I get the camera out.


this is all Emilie will give me
What thoughts are flowing behind those amazing dark eyes...

At dance class she is all smiles!
And that is enough to make me all smiles.

Friday, September 24, 2010

getting back into the swing of things

Tonight was such a beautiful night. After a very long day the kiddos got to burn off some energy and run around all crazy and kid like in the back yard. only one of them had more then underwear on. And I have finally accepted the fact that kids love to be naked. And honestly I would to if I wasn't having to chase around all of the jiggling that would happen if  I also ran around naked. I also think my neighbors would be bummed out. We are already a very loud family. negative clothing might throw them over the edge.
So on this beautiful fall evening my Little's got to dip their toes in some much needed to be mowed grass, for probably one of the last times before the rain that never stops starts. And I think we  have another toe walker. Although I can't tell if she is naturally one or she is just copying her big sister.

The grass in our backyard is insane right now. Doug wants a 100% green backyard sooooooo badly. the only way to achieve that is to not let our sweet black dog go near the backyard. His pee is toxic. And yes we have tried all of the magic tricks out there. we have resorted to walking him next to our house at the park. Thank god he has the bladder of a elephant and only needs to go pee every 12 hours. Because me + 3 kids + needing to be at the bus stop by 8:47 = sad dog left inside needing to pee. But...he is an incredible dog and rarely comes down stairs before 9am.
Because we have sacrifice the convenience of opening my back door we have an awesome back yard! One that can be frolicked in barefoot without any worries of  giant dog poo piles and pee spots.  We'll see how long it last. I can ususally do things for about a month before I tap out.

Fall is here and showing her pretty face everywhere. I love fall. This year not so much. We had about 3 weeks of summer and I want more. My gardened produced 4 tomatoes and one squash...Really summer...That's the best you could do? What kind of crap is Winter going to bring. 1000 feet of snow and 6 months of rain? Awesome... Maybe this is the year that a car will slide down our hill and crash into our living room. That would make a good blog post. Stay tuned....

Anyway...I spent 5 awesome days in Mexico with my sister, mom, amazing friend and my moms best friend. I got back last Monday and still haven't made it to the store. When I made dinner tonight, which was not one of my shining star moments I realized my 3 kids are very different. But as a mom we just know. It is chiseled in us. Without thinking we know what our babes like. Here is my 3 examples. I love this. I love that each of my kiddos is an individual. They eat the same food but just differently. I totally respect this. As a kid my food could not touch and I would have been devastated if my mom would have made me eat food that had co-mingled. Now as an adult my food is always co-mingling, Closer the better. We all outgrow our kid shit. Not all of it. But most of it. I love figuring out my kiddos little quirts and I can't wait to make fun of them when they are older.

can you guess which plate is for Emilie?

My littlest is growing up too fast. I left for those 5 days and came back to a Molly that knows what she wants but can't say it. She wants to do whatever her sister is doing. Which means sitting at the table like a big kid.

And wearing her moms favorite cashmere ballet sweater. (no I am not a ballerina. I just pretend to be one.)

Remember how earlier I said I went to Mexico for 5 days. This is where my ass sat for those five days. And that is not an exaggeration. Other then I sat over there and over there. We just chased the best seats. That was about the most we moved. I have never felt so relaxed. It was exactly what my pneumonia filled left lung needed. 1000% humidity and alcohol. We were at an all inclusive resort. which means the moment you arrive they hand you a Margarita, you eat 20 hours aday and they tell you more then 30 times aday "what ever you want" I love this place. It was my first vacation that I was not ready to leave. Beautiful place, amazing people and amazing friends. Thank god I am going back in December. I think even with my kids I will love Puerto Vallarta.  I wore my magical what ever you want bracelet home hoping that its magical powers would also work at home. But what they don't tell you when you leave is that once you leave those magical powers are transferred back to the original owners. Our kids...They are truly the only folks that live the all inclusive lifestyle almost 24/7. No wonder they are so frik-in happy all of the time and relaxed.

 Lazy river that connects the pools. I never did get around to swimming threw it. Oh well... We did try one day but got side tracked by the aqua bar.

Me and my sister all shinny and enjoying the humidity.

View from our first dinner table.

View from down town

Looking north toward the hotel and marina

View from our third dinner table. I know...Awesome!

One of our new friends that hung out at the pool. I can't wait to watch the kiddos check them out.

Even though vacation was awesome its nice to be home.
What am I saying....I could have easily stayed 5 more days. whenever I leave my kiddos I always tell them  that when I get back I will be an even better mommy. Calmer, rested, ext.
Can you imaging how amazing I would have been after 10 days.

Oh well...Back to reality.
And back to blogging. I've neglected my beloved blog so much. I originally started it to showcase my kiddos for my family. Now I think it is more of place for me to organize my thoughts. these last 5 weeks I have been so sick that sitting at the computer was too much. Now I am healthy and ready to get back at it. It has been so much fun getting to know other bloggers and reading about your lives and learning so many amazing things.
thank you for all of the sweet comments and advice. this has been such a fun 9 months.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Emilie's day!

For two years Emilie has watched Colin go to preschool
Today was finally her turn!
Tonight when I was putting Emilie to bed she told me at school it was harder having me gone.
I actually teared up.
 Emilie loves to do things without me around. she is so independent. It was nice for me to hear she does like having me around.

The parents hung around for the first half of the class.
During that time her very sweet teacher read the kissing hand book.
It is such a great book. A little raccoon doesn't want to go to school so his mommy kisses his hand so he will have her kiss with him all day.
Mrs. K had us do that to our Little's and then she put a heart sticker in their hands.
Emilie was so sweet about it.

She also started dance this week. In true Dana fashion I got Emilie the wrong size tights.
But she told me that she loved them anyway.
Thanks Em...
i am a little bummed they had the blinds down during the first class.
Oh well...I could still see her smile.
And smile, and smile.
She told me when she was done that she wants to dance everyday all day

When we got home she showed me all her sweet moves.
Including this amazing somersault

Even Molly got into the action a tried a few somersaults


I love seeing this sister relationship grow

Emilie can seem like a tough little one but when it comes to her sister she is putty in her hands

and molly totally ROCKS these orange boots

And I can not end this post without showing how awesome Molly and Colin are together. Molly does whatever Colin does.
She drives little cars around the house making the famous car sounds and is always looking to see if he sees her.
He is so patient with her and even lets her get in his way.

I am so lucky

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