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Friday, July 29, 2011

good morning

 Morning comes too early some days in this home. This morning was one of those mornings.
My cute little first born requested for breakfast a stack of pancakes with a square piece of butter on top and syrup driping all over the place.
I can totally picture the commercial he saw in my head right now. Mostly because I have been watching the same Mrs. Butters-worth commercial for the last 30+ years.
What do you think? Does my copy cat look good?
It's the Cinnamon roll pancake recipe minus the cinnamon roll part. 

Not to be left out.
Little miss powered through more of her stack then Colin.

The rest of the day was pretty mellow. 
We played in the sun, mowed the lawn and hung out with Doug before he had to go to work.
Molly fell in love with a very "pretty" necklace today.

I think she likes that the necklace because it makes her feel fancy.
Even with her very dirty dress.
I let her wear it while taking her nap today. I'm not sure I'm OK with her sleeping all night with it on.

Once our nightly dance party started and she got her dress up dress on her outfit was complete.

Our new favorite song to dance to is Tonight, tonight by Hot Chelle Rae. If you push play on my playlist at the top of the page you can dance to it too! Its fantastic!

Give a huge shout out to our Hobo. 
Mr. Hobo has been on a trip to where ever it is that Hobos go for awhile. 
Where ever he was he lost his stick for his overnight bag. 
It must have been one crazy party.
All that matters is that he is finally home and I love having him back above my sink.

Next to my good luck frog, the ring my sister gave me when I had Molly, the snowman Colin made me last Christmas and the perfect flower bud vase.
All of my favorite things.

During our dance party tonight we could only get a "raise the roof" from Colin.
He was too busy driving his newly constructed boat hauler.

I think this is my new favorite.
Nicely done Colin. Nicely done.

Have a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

weekly rewind

This past week has been fun and full. 
I love the summer for many things. Mostly because of the lazy mornings, nothing planed afternoons and finishing the day off with what should we do evenings.
Until the weekend hits and Doug gets his three days off. Then its time to go go go go go go.
He must of missed the memo I sent out with the summer schedule on it last month.
For this crazy weeks catch up I'm going to start with Wednesday and go backwards. 
I think rewinding will be easier for me to remember everything.
Here we go....

My sister and I stole a few hours this week and had a lunch date. As with anytime I get to spend with her it was perfect. 
Lots of laughs and stories.

We decided to meet up in Bothell at the Wild Vine bistro.
I've heard her mention this restaurant a few times but we both thought it was only open for dinner so we never went.
Thank goodness we were wrong. It opens at 11.
The food was fantastic and the service perfect.

We sat out on the patio and soaked up as many sunshine rays as we could before they disappeared again behind the grey clouds that have been covering the Pacific Northwest this summer. 

My sister ordered the french onion soup and margarita flat bread. I chowed down on the Cesar salad and pesto chicken flat bread.
All amazing but the surprise of the afternoon was the Chilled melon soup. AMAZING and such a treat. The owner Laura paired it with a yummy Riesling for us and it was perfect match. The wine took away the kick from the spices in the soup but left behind all of the flavor. It was such a treat to chat with Laura and find out that she started the restaurant with her two daughters. 
I can't wait until the next time!

My lovely sister

The amazing Chilled melon soup

On Wednesdays and Mondays Wine bottles are 50% off and pours are a dollar off.

Live music Thursday-Saturday nights

$4 dollar drink specials

Monday - Bistro Margarita
Tuesday - Lemon drop
Thursday - Bulliet Manhattan

They even have brunch! From 9-2 on Sunday.

Now that I have you hungry and drooling over our lunch. 

guess what.....

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 I would love to meet you there!

Before My lunch date with my sister there was lots of dance recitals by Molly.

I love that they think of this kind of stuff all on their own

Many treats were made, shared and eaten.

But this was our favorite

Doug planned our go go go go weekend.

First adventure was a bike ride on the cedar river trail with a yummy picnic lunch.

The second ride was on the John Wayne trail. Doug has always talked about this trail and the amazing bridges on it that you can see from I-90. It's an old railroad track so it was nice and wide. Plenty of room for our wagon train.

Colin's new favorite protein snack.
We stopped half way up (6 miles) for lunch and a much needed break.
These kids were and are amazing. The ride ended up being close to 12 miles. That's a ton of miles when you are riding a little bike.

Molly LOVED the bridges!

Molly's wagon ride.

The end was found! Not the end of the trail but our end. 
The long bridges you can see from the highway.

It was so worth it!! Very cool!

The ride back was all down hill and a ton of fun!
Little home girl would totally agree.

And this little lady barely made it out of the parking lot.

The big kids had VBS all last week. At the end of the week all of the families get to come and listen to the songs they had been practicing all week.
Molly was very excited for them.

This was Emilie's first year and Colin's second. 
Lots of fun seeing them their together.

On the few days that were warm we had Popsicle that looked very similar to Molly.

On the other days there was lots of swinging and chatting on the phone.

Some more swinging

Even more swinging and still making some phone calls. 
There is a good chance that, that phone is in her bed with her right now.

For the 6 years that we have lived in this home we have shared it with these tiny frogs.
Anywhere you look in the yard you can find one. Some are brown but most are green. They also like to hang by the front door. Live in the wreath and relax on the porch light.
I would miss these little guys if they were gone.

We took some fun cloud shots

This is exactly what this summer has been like.
One minute sunny and warm.
The next minute dark and raining.

No matter what the weather, when it is summer there will always be dirty feet, meals outside and sleepy faces.
Thank goodness for the fireplace. 
When the sun gets stuck behind one of those grey clouds it gets a little chilly.

I know this was a crazy long post.
Thank you for hanging in there and sharing all of our memories with us this week.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I’ll receive compensation as a thank you for posting about the Juice in the City daily deals. All statements and opinions are mine.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Today is the day!

Today is the day!

The first deal brought to you by Juice in the City Seattle is here!

And it is an good amazing one!

For years I have heard my sister talk about this amazing restaurant/wine bar she has up in Woodinville. She would go on and on about the great service, the amazing food and how yummy the wine was. Blah, blah, blah.

Finally this last year I was able to eat and drink at the Purple cafe in Bellevue. Doug and I went for my birthday and it was perfect. Great wine and yummy food. I had the lobster mac n cheese and yes it was as good as it sounds. 

Chances are if you are from the Seattle area I'm pretty sure you've heard of Purple cafe and just seeing that they are a deal today is all you need.

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Grab the deal, grab some friends and head to purple for a great evening. 
Or save it, and come fall do what my sister use to do and meet the ladies there for lunch to celebrate the first day of school.
Either way have a fantastic Monday!
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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I’ll receive compensation as a thank you for posting about the Juice in the City daily deals. All statements and opinions are mine.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Juice in the City is coming to Seattle!!

Tomorrow Juice in the city is finally in the Seattle area!!

I'm sure most of you are like me and already have a flood of group deals coming into your e-mail in boxes every morning offering discounts from clothes for our little's to wine deals for us mommas.

What makes Juice in the City different?

 Juice in the city has a  very unique twist that sets it apart from 
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Take a second to read this awesome article written about them in USA Today

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Tomorrow morning I will have my first "juicy deal" to share with you.

I can't wait!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I’ll receive compensation as a thank you for posting about the Juice in the City daily deals. All statements and opinions are mine.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mr. Handsome

This handsome pup turned 6 this summer.
He went from spazy puppy to mellow old man over night.

Unless he is with his brother, who also turned 6 July 5th. 
Duke has always acted like an old man unless he is with my Max.
Then they both act like they are still puppies and nothing can hurt them.
I hope they are always like that.

Max has also always thought of himself as a 10lb dog.
When we first got Max at 8 weeks we already had a tiny papipoo named Ollie. 
He wasn't the best role model for my sweet little flat coat puppy and had to move on to a better life by the beach with my aunt in sunny California.
 In the year that Max and Ollie shared a home it was enough time for Max to think that he was the same size as Ollie. Still to this day he thinks that he can fit in a dog bed made for a little dog.

Even though he thinks he is a small dog he also thinks that he can run forever. Which makes him the best running partner. (Don't tell Colin I said that)

And swim forever.

When you read stories about the loyalty and love of a dog they are surely written about him. He would never leave us, he would do anything for us.

 We would do anything for him.
We are his world.
And he is the best dog in the world.
Just writing this makes me tear up.

When an awesome opportunity came up to try something that could help Max I jumped at it!
The great folks over at sent me a bottle of the Wild Alaska Salmon oil by nutri-Vet to try out for a couple of weeks on Max.
You wouldn't know it by looking at Max but he has a ton of allergies. The main culprits are wheat, chicken and meat. If he does get a hold of them look out. He is gassy and his ears smell like nasty wet socks within hours. Plus the goes on all night....
Poor dog is a mess. 
As long as I keep him on a fish and sweet potatoes diet he is fine. But his skin has always been super dry. I was really hoping this would help him.
Guess what? It did!!!

All I do is put a few pumps on his food at night. Max only eats once a day and usually at night while we are sleeping. I was a little worried the oil would go bad before he got around to eating it but the opposite happened. He now eats right when I feed him and all of his food at once. 
We are so happy with  the Wild Alaska Salmon Oil and extremely thankful we got the chance to try it.

The folk over at are so awesome that they are offering  50% off any of their Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil (regular or the drip less odor less option) for dogs and cats.  You can also receive free shipping if you spend $45 or more, otherwise it’s only $5.95.
They ship anywhere to the USA.
The coupon code is HALFOFFSO (should be entered in all caps) and Expires 8/1/2011.

You can also check them out over at facebook or twitter @bestpethealth

Let me know it you try it and how it works out!


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