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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday nuggets

I need to update this blog more often.
 I miss looking at the pictures we take throughout the week.

Last month my moms boyfriend pulled back into town.
He fishes all summer up in Alaska 
and spends all winter in Seattle feeding us Salmon.

Every year my lucky kids get to hop on his boat and go through the Ballard locks.

This year Paisley hung with me.
This is her favorite way to travel.
Super cute Reisenthel bag and me carrying it.

 This month brings pumpkin patch field trips, warm wool coats, pretty scarves and my favorite.  Knitted hats with sunglasses.

This was her first field trip.
She loved every minute.
We lucked out and had sunny crisp weather.

A lot of the reason why I am having a hard time getting on here is because of these beauties.
My store is doing a lot better then I thought it would.

I knew they would be loved but I wasn't expecting to get this lucky.

With that luck comes responsibilities.
To my family and my customers.
I've had to figure out a nice balance between the two and actually stick with the plan.

So far so good.

Thank you to everyone who helped me get my business up and running.
Without all of you I would not have been able to get what I have accomplished done.

This last week my shift in my sweatshop started sooner then my normal 9 pm.
The kiddos where a huge help and very patient with me.

I'm going to try to get on here every Sunday and update my blog.
Sorting though my pictures and uploading them on to the blog will be a nice way to look back at the week and remember how great it was.

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