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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Its Almost June and the sky opened up and poured on us tonight.
I would love to throw some sort of tantrum and freak out over all this rain. But I just can't over something I can't control.

The one nice thing is my laziness won't have to fill up Max's water bowl (he is an inside dog, but because of the amount of water that drips out of his mouth when he drinks and the cheapness of our hardwood floors, his water dish is an outside dish)

Thankfully the rain held off long enough for Emilie's preschool class to enjoy their last day together and they could all play at the park together as a class one last time.

Check out her super fast reflexes. She is such an awesome helper! whoa Molly 

Emilie finished her first year of pre-school with her teacher "Mrs Kim." 
Colin also had Kim for his 3's preschool class and hopefully Molly will too. I just love that she has been in our lives that long. Emilie's 4's teacher is also the same teacher Colin had and we can't wait to have Corinne back in our lives!!

What could make a dog this happy? Other then these three kiddos giving him love.

His favorite kiddo brushing him with her own brush.
 Emilie {heart} Max

Even with the nasty 'Ole rain' making a comeback we had a great day.

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