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Friday, April 29, 2011

A little of this and a little of that...{alot&alot}

I did it! I finally finished something!
I obsessed, lost sleep and drank too much wine doing this silly puzzle. But I did it, and now I can have my table and my time back.

*Bread update* 
Still awesome and Colin agrees. His faces looks like he doesn't like it  but he does. He is just trying to smile while chewing.

Any bets on this awesome rats nest coming out of Molly's hair tonight?

I wish I could say it was only a day old. but it's not. I'm not even sure how old it is. There are so many things that I wish I was. Example: Book reader, non procrastinator, minimalist, bread maker , give my kids baths every night, read books to my kids every night, keep on the laundry, the list could go forever. But I do know that I love my kids and I am the best mom I can be. Even if they don't get a bath every night.

Even when she does get a bath she looks like a train wreck.

Like I said. He never. stops. running. Colin is the blur behind the coolest real green grass.

How many tries does it take for a 2 year old to get Polly pocket shoes on?





The world will never know. The fact that she didn't give up and eat the shoes is a huge deal!

The weekend is here and we actually have more then one thing planed. Very exciting! T-ball on Saturday and All day dirt biking for Colin on Sunday. Even I am excited for that one.
Have an AWESOME weekend!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

so good....

I love fresh bread, and I love the process of making it. The only problem is my yeast breads never turns out very good.
Until today! Thanks to Artisan Bread in five Minutes a day. Which I found out about over at the chou life. Her blog is fantastic! Because of her I finally can make my own tortillas and so many other amazing recipes can be found over at her blog.
 I got my copy at Amazon and within days I was eating this awesome bread.
Very little time waiting for it to rise and no kneading!!

It may not look pretty but tasted perfect.

catch up

I've had this little puzzle out on the table this week and everyday I've been sitting down and working on it. To my surprise Emilie has been the perfect puzzle partner. She doesn't talk much, she works hard and she is a master at finding edge pieces. I'm really surprised that I'm still working on this puzzle. I tend to get board with things pretty fast but I'm finding that when I work on this puzzle it relaxes me. I wonder if this is what book readers feel like when they sit down to read a good book. relaxed and recharged. When I sit down to read a book my mind wanders, I fidget and in the end I  get up and try reading the 4 pages I barely got through again in a few years. The books my kiddos are into are about my level of book reading. I've always wanted to be a book reader but I've accepted the fact that I'm not and I will always be a magazine/blog reader.

Since Easter it has rained, rained and rained. And to make  this spring even more special it SNOWED last night! Those better be some amazing flowers in May that these April showers are bringing.

These next few pictures make me laugh. Little miss Molly has such a funny personality and the facial expressions she makes are awesome! And those front can you not love them.

It's almost Friday and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be sunny this weekend, or at least not raining. Colin gets to take his dirt bike out for a spin since last fall and I really want it to not be soggy.

Monday, April 25, 2011

full weekend

This weekend started out warm and beautiful. The sun came out and made promises of a warm Easter. 
But just like every Easter in the Pacific Northwest the sun was making empty promises and it poured buckets of rain

Little miss has  been crazy sick since last week. High fever and sore throat. All she wanted to do on Friday was curl up in the sun and take a nap.

Even birdie was worried about her.

I had so many awesome plans for our backyard. Which are all on hold until next year because of the soggy spring we are having.
My little garden is back to where it was last year. It's nice to see plants in ground. Even if it they are back in the same spot.

This summer is going to be so much more fun. Molly is finally old enough to truly enjoy the backyard and all of the fun stuff out there.

Poor sick Emilie. She tried to enjoy the outside. But after 30 min she curled back up in the sun.

Bubbles are always fun

Blue skies are always fantastic

Easter morning was great!
The kiddos loved it and we loved it. Family and friends came and enjoyed the day with us. Even though it rained and rained and rained it was a fantastic day.

Baskets were found

Chocolate bunnies were eaten 

Molly was also old enough this year to sorta "get" Easter. It was great watching her love every minute of it.

Big sister helped her explore her basket of goodies.

She had no problem figuring out what this amazing treat was.

She is so darn cute!

The clouds parted long enough for us to have a little egg hunt with friends. 
"little" Molly always has to hold "big" Molly's hand anytime they are near each other. So cute.

Egg one of many found.

Molly had a hard time not enjoying each of her eggs as she found them.

This is why I have very few pictures of Colin. He never stops running.

Molly {heart} Jack

Great group shot of friends and family.

Youngest and oldest of our family
Little Molly with her Grandpa

Such a great Easter!
Thank you everyone for helping us make it such a great Holiday.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

week catch up

This week was fun. Long but fun.
 I love it when Colin falls asleep on the couch. He hardly ever does it. But when he does it is awesome!

Colin had his first t-ball game this weekend.
 It was fun. Long but fun.
This picture is mostly so I can make fun of myself.
How awesome am I  in my hat that I wear everyday.
Even more awesome then me is the gal with sweatpants  pulled up.
 Totally something I would do.

Now stop laughing at me and take a look at Colin's awesome swing and focus!

Check out the cool background of their game.

As I was scrolling through my pictures of the week I came across Doug's first love... Bi%&h

In Emilie's preschool class they grew beans from a seed. Since we brought her's home and put it in a bigger pot it has tripled in size. Check out what it did...Do you see it?

I can't believe it! It's produced offspring! 

Something got into this Non-crafting mama today and we did some serious crafting.
It was either gilt or just the spirit of the holiday.

either way the kiddos loved it!

Once he got a chance Colin tore into 4 eggs and ate all of them.

After all of the excitement of doing crafts this poor little lady fell asleep.

Once Molly was finally rescued from her crib she got to get her crafting on.

Did I mentioned she potty trained herself this week. Oh I didn't? Well, she did and she is awesome!

 Emilie then moved her sick train onto the floor in the kitchen so she could be near us.

Then this little rock star gathered up her strength to finish coloring her eggs.
She truly is amazing when she is sick. 
She is overwhelmingly kind, appreciative and just wants to sleep. All opposites of her normal personality.

Hello pretty eggs.

Tomorrow I hope to finally finish two of the crafts we started yesterday and maybe clean the house. Probably not going to do either of those things. But, you never know.
Have a Fantastic Friday!!

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