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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Today I got to be a tourist

Flu, cold, Pneumonia, sinus infections and soar throats need to back the f up. 
I am so over my family being sick.

Today was the day we declared freedom from all of the above.

I'm always amazed at how many cool things Seattle has to offer. 
Some things I have seen a bazillion times and  still love.
Somethings I have on my "I have always wanted to see list".
Today we went and checked some of those things off.

We started at one of my favorites.
The Ballard locks and Fish ladder

Its a great place to remember and miss my dad 
(he loved fish ladders)

And a great place to let the kids stretch their legs after the drive into the city.

Trying to get them to be in a picture is like herding cats.

The last few years we have been really lucky getting to ride through the locks on Jeff's fishing boat.
This is the first time the kiddos have had to watched from the sides.
They now know how lucky they are.

Our next stop was a place I thought for sure we would be the only people at.
I pictured my kiddos climbing around and me taking pictures.
Everyone was playing tourist today and visiting the Fremont Troll was harder than I thought it would be.
First, we had to find parking on a crazy skinny street.
Second, it started to rain.
I know that should not be a surprise.
Third, there was a lot of randoms and their kids all over the troll.

We carved out our own place in his armpit, took some pictures and laughed about the whole thing.

I'm really glad we went and visited the Fremont Troll.

Back to the city we went.
Where around every corner is art, that makes me laugh.

Yep, that is Lenin.
The story of how that statue got here is actually really cool.

 Folks at a bus stop

This isn't art, but it is funny.

Umbrella in the middle of an intersection. 
So much random art.
Next time I want to take more pictures of that.

My Molly was the best art we saw all day.

Our next stop and motivation to get out of the house.

Worth the drive and money.
The line moved really fast and was super organized.
Two things that I love.

Normally I would be super nervous.
I hate heights and Ferris wheels.
This is a big ass Ferris wheel.

I kept it together.
My nervousness fell away the moment we hopped on the ride.

I love that I finally have a kiddo that can take pictures.

 Me and my camera...
Molly's face sums it up.

She always forgives me.

The view from the Ferris wheel was fantastic.

(this is the picture I was taking in the above photo)

 What more would you need from a store?

Our last planned stop was the Gum Wall.
Once again we were not the only ones that had that plan.

We found our own little spot.
And Doug found a perfect spot for his gum.

 I found mine.
Blew a bubble, stuck it on the wall then dry heaved. 

We finished the day off with some more walking.
Our little's were very tired.

It was a great day and just what we needed.


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