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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another trip...another sick kid.

We headed back up to Whidbey Island last weekend for a much needed do nothing day for me and a playing in the dirt piles, running in the grass chasing bubbles and catching little bugs for the kiddos and Max. It really is as perfect as it sounds. My cell phone doesn't work up there, time moves at the perfect pace and the beer is always cold.

Even Molly is mellow up there. Maybe thats why I hate to leave?

This trip Max's bro Duke got to come up and Max was in Dog heaven. These amazing dogs have been together since birth and are only separated when Duke lives at my sisters (which is all of the time because he is her's) But I try to steal him away to our home as often as I can. I love their sibling relationship because it reminds me so much of my own relationship with my sister. Like them we are so different but also so very alike.
the boys 
{Max on the left, Duke on the right}

This year my sister added a new member to their family.
Give a big hello to Louie!

He is 8 pounds of awesome!

And the boys love him!

On this trip Colin was still worn down from being sick the last couple of weeks and did this all day instead of riding his motorcycle. He loved every minute of it.  The next day he had a cold.  Awesome....

This little biker mama gave it try instead

When Colin wasn't playing in the dirt piles he was hanging in the truck with my moms little pup Tetley watching a movie.

Doug was on his motorcycle trip with some friends in Oregon and Emilie was bringing Jeffs boat up from Seattle with my mom. So most of the day was just me and Molly. Wondering around, eating snacks and just enjoying doing nothing not to important. My sister came up later in the day so she could also enjoy doing nothing.

Another thing about the island that I love is there is always a salty sea breeze

While we wondered around doing nothing Emilie was getting ready to take her first 4 hour cruise on Jeff's fishing boat with my mom, Jeff and my sisters son Jack. Jeff keeps the boat down in Seattle all winter and then brings it up to the island a few weeks before he heads up to Alaska to fish for 5 months. Fisherman choose such an amazing lifestyle. But one that my family benefits from with a full freezer of salmon. Thank you Jeff for being a fisherman and for letting my family tag along on some of your journeys and take over your driveway.

I love that my mom takes these photos of the kiddos on their trips threw the Ballard locks and up the Puget Sound. Its weird not being there with them but a trip they love taking without me and having Grammy all to themselves.

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