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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Tonight was the kiddos first Halloween carnival. We had a lot of fun.
It was put on by the local high school and was free! We did bring some cans to donate to the local food bank.
Besides the free part it was really cool because they had all of the greatest hits:
Bean bag throw
Cake walk
It brought back a ton of church carnival memories.
these aren't the kiddos official costumes but they are still pretty awesome

In our neighborhood it's 90% little girls and this is the gang that Colin has grown up with. And this picture is still missing 4 of Colin's gal friends.

Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin carving!

I'll miss the day when my kiddos don't find ultimate joy in gutting a pumpkin. I love how they try all the different spoons, forks, and tongs. Hoping they will find the perfect tool. To finally realize that their chubby little fingers are the perfect tool.

This year we let the kiddos draw the faces and we cut them out as they drew them. It was really cool seeing their creations come to life

Except for this little ones creation. she did a lot more drawing on her face then the pumpkin.

I love Em's! The thin line on the top is suppose to be the eyebrows

This is an awful picture of Colin. But, It shows his two loose front teeth.

I did try to make molly's look like her. what do you think? do you think I captured the essence of her teeth?

she liked it!

hope you are having great pre Halloween activities

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Warning....Lots of pictures

Last weekend we spent our very rainy Saturday at the aquarium and the science museum. We headed out and I thought it was going to be the same ole' Aquarium visit. the kids run around all crazy and Molly freaks out that she is in the stroller the whole time.
But...This time was very cool! Molly finally gets it! She is so aware of her world around her and it was so much fun to watch. Every fish she saw she would tell who was ever standing around her all about it in her jiberish language.

And, they had this fun pumpkin scavenger hunt going on. Every time we found a pumpkin carved with this design the kiddos got a healthy treat. LOVED IT!!

Once we were done with the aquarium we headed off to Seattle center and we found this awesome "fountain". It was actually a fountain. It would be so much fun to revisit in the summer. Although the kiddos loved it on this rainy day.

We finally got a family photo!!

We can find fun anywhere

We went into the butterfly exhibit and I only got two pictures.
Reason 1. Molly is/was crazy
Reason 2. Its super hot and humid in the butterfly's home
Reason 3. People, people and more rude people.
All of those things together = see ya
One good thing was I got to see a butterfly plop out of its cocoon and that was crazy cool!!

I need to  remind myself when we head out for an adventure that my kiddos are still so young and everything is still  new to them and I need to look at things like they do. Seeing Molly so excited was amazing. I'm usually pregnant at this point in the game. I've never had a 20 month old and not been prego tired, bitter, cranky, etc....
I hope I can be that mom for them.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Morning traditions

It's probably not the best morning tradition...But it's ours! And I look forward to having some as much as he does.

Emilie HATES whip cream. whenever I take it out of the fridge she all but runs away.
What she does love is chocolate milk with a straw and two ice strips. And if you even try to tell her that they are ice cubes she will fight you until you give up and agree with her.

Just another Thursday

Every Thursday Emilie has gymnastics and while she tumbles and leaps we wonder the fair grounds. Colin rides his bike as fast as possible and Molly follows him as fast as she can.

At least she stops every once in awhile for a picture

Then she is off again

Then she stops again for an awesome picture

I love that we can be at the King County fair grounds for an hour and all we see is a few black cows.
I love that I can just go a few minutes from my home and feel like I am away from it all

And Colin can perfect his burn out

This week we got a great show from some birds

And of course the trees were pretty amazing too.

Thursday also means we get to go to the farm to pick up our milk and eggs.
I love it!

Another day at the farm

Back to Thomasson's farm we went. All of us this time.
Colin of course had a fantastic time and Emilie loved showing us around. But molly...Oh my sweet little Molly has gone head first into the terrible 1 1/2's. Anytime I hold her hand she falls to the ground. Anytime I hold her she does a giant u turn on my arm and I end up holding her like a football. Agh..Help me get through this phase. Thankfully it only last 2 years....then the new chapter starts.
There was a highlight in her tantrums. She loves it when her daddy holds her. She is a perfect angel with him and he can have her!

She was so bitter with me she was extra buck-toothed when she would look and scowl at me.

Molly's fits didn't bother Emilie. She had a great time

These two have really bonded this year. It's been really neat to watch. they still fight like cats and dogs but when they are getting along its awesome!

And yes Molly was pissed off she couldn't ride the cool giant tricycles like her big bro and sis

But she had a great time in the hay maze

So cute!

She has us so wrapped around her finger

One day I will have my own farm and Colin can learn how to drive on our tractor!

Chances are that Emilie will be the one teaching him how to drive

One day I will look back at theses pictures and wish that they were still small enough to fit in a wheel barrow and wonder were the time went...

At the end of the day we all had a great time and I didn't freak out about the crowd. I'm trying....I think we are going to try the zoo this weekend.

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