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Friday, May 17, 2013


Every year gets better and better. 
I can finally enjoy the beach and not have one of my 3 kids complaining about something.
When it rains instead of screaming like its acid my kids look up at the sky, smile and love it.

We try to chase the low tide as many times as we can.
This chase we brought some friends along.

Bringing friends is such a treat.
We are all reminded how special this place is with every squeal and oh my gosh mom look at that!

Max never forgets how amazing this place is.
He can run and run and run....

Treasures found with friends will always be the best treasures.

and running...



  The sun stars are amazing!

{Siblings XOX}


Molly and Doug had a ton of fun searching out crabs

Max as also found a new love in hunting crabs.
He was obsessed with them. 
He would mess with them until he had his nose chomped on at least a dozen times. 

After that he finally mellowed out...


Little Miss had a field trip this week.
And she was excited

Off to the zoo we went.

It was really neat to see her so excited.
I have this same picture somewhere from when Emilie went at this age.

I couldn't resist.
If only there could have been 3 of them swimming around...

 Happy spring!!

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