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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

hmmmmm....I think the boy could use a few more LEGO's. What's even funnier is that the orange and multi colored ones are still on the basket.
Doug spent the last two days sorting them by color because I really wanted to get all of the sets re-built before Christmas. That way if when he gets more for Christmas all of his LEGO cities will be all up and running.

This is as far as we have gotten
It's a lot harder to re build

At least it "dumps"
Pretty awesome, I know.


Little Molly made it through a nap and bedtime with her diaper and PJ's still on. Hurray! No poo to clean up this morning.

Glad to see that this stinky problem may  be solved.....

Monday, December 20, 2010

Bad things come in three's....

Is a bunch of crap. Bad things don't just come in three's. The past few weeks have taught me that a lot of shit can be thrown our way and no matter how much I cry, cus and scream there's a good chance that more will keep coming. and coming. I know I'm going to jinx myself by saying at least everyone is healthy and we have a home. But its true. As of right now we are all healthy and our home is sorta standing.
It all started 2 days after thanksgiving and our washing machine died. Between cloth diapers and cloth paper towels this house cannot go with out a washer. BUT, it was the weekend after thanksgiving and we got a smokin deal on a washer.  I could finally get rid of my HE washer and go back to the old fashion, top load, non smelling, watch my clothes get cleaned and be able to soak my diapers kind of washer.

Everything seemed great until a few days later when I didn't pull my car  all of the way into the garage and the garage door came down, hit my bumper and didn't bounce back up. It just kept pushing down on my bumper until the garage door crumbled in on itself. Thank god my husband can fix almost everything. He took the door apart, reinforced it here, pounded on it there and hung it back up. Good as new...almost.

Once again everything was going great. We were getting ready to go on our family vacation in 2 days and I was running out one evening to pick something up for my sister with my kiddos. I pushed the garage door opener and all of a sudden we heard a weird grinding sound then a GIANT POP!! I had left the back window open in my expedition and when I opened the garage door it caught the window and exploded it. SHIT!! We leave in a few days, this is going to cost money we don't have, and I am out a car. shit, shit, shit...
Once again SAFECO insurance to the rescue. (they were a huge help when my car got broken in to) When I called and told them what an idiot I was the very nice man I the phone chuckled and said his brother did the same thing and that it would be free. It was a Christmas miracle!!!
A guy was at my home by 11 am and a new window was in by 12.  Phew.
Normally I would have a ton of pictures documenting all of this craziness but shockingly I didn't. Until this one. Can you guess which one this was from

Yep...My window

By 7 am Friday morning we were leaving it all behind with the rain, wind and snow and I no longer cared. All that mattered was that I'm was with my family heading some place warm and awesome.

Can you guess where we went?

Besides on a balcony with a cocktail and a perfect sunset.

There will be plenty  more picture and stories from our vacation but right now I am wrapping my brain around the fact that we came home to a roof that has a leak and may not be under warranty.
This morning I found Molly in her crib naked. She had taken everything off her body then took a dump. Everything had crap on it except for her diaper. I thought for sure I had this situation fixed weeks ago when I started putting her underwear on over her diapers. I guess she can now get them off too. Normally I would have taken a picture of this event but I was to busy dry heaving while giving her a bath at 6 in the morning.
Now I am left with the question. How do I keep her diapers on while she is alone in her crib?

This is what I came up with

I cut the feet off of one of her old footed jams and turned then around. If she can get out of theses I need to suck it up and just potty train her.

I hope it doesn't sound like I'm complaining about all of this. Because in the end all of this crap sandwiched a fantastic vacation and I am a true believer there is a reason for everything. and so far each thing that has happened has made me so thankful for the things we have to help us get through them. A talented husband, insurance and the thing with Molly, well that just funny and hopefully my brain gets us through this one.

Thanks for letting me vent!
Buenas noches

Friday, December 3, 2010

good morning

I love hanging out by the Christmas tree in the early morning with my coffee while the house is still quiet.
All of the pretty lights are always so magical to me. It reminds of why my kiddos are always so excited to see that the tree is on in the morning and why they always want to hang out by it and look up at all of the past years treasures.
Have a great weekend

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Today was good...

Today was good. Colin loved his December 2nd book, and Emilie did not... and it was a perfect book for her.  The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall. It has two little girls in it that remind me of her and Molly. And Emilie always tells me that her favorite pie is Apple. But on this early hour of December 2nd Emilie had her heart set on a princess book.
Oh well...At least one of them was happy.

And my sweet little knock kneed daughter did like her new dress so I didn't completely fail in Emilie's eye's

After a day filled with school and gymnastics Colin had a great idea to go for a walk and check out all of the Christmas lights in the neighborhood. Sadly most of the neighborhood has been dragging ass and hasn't set up their lights. We still had a great walk and I tried with my very poor night time picture taking skills to take some fun pictures.
I got a nice one of Moll's.

And a fun one of my big kids.
Its been fun this year hearing what each kiddos remembers from last years holiday season. Emilie doesn't remember much but Colin remembers everything.
His favorite things are the little village under the tree and the train going around the village and going out looking at Christmas lights.
His birthday is in December and that's all he wanted to do on his birthday night last year was go drive around neighborhoods ouuuuuing and ahhing at their lights.

Cheer's to the folks out there that put lights up so we can come out and dance in front of your home!
Thank you!

before and after

It seems like forever since I did my last before and after. It's nice to be back.
I love this picture of Molly. It captured every part of personality.
Always drooling, always wearing a head band, super sweet and always a little sneaky.
Goodness I love this little human so much.
SOOC (nikon d90)

Crop, adjusted the shadow and some highlights shifted around. all in Picasa 3

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a great Thursday!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I wish...

I could have a job working out of my home making these little cashmere hats. I love making them and the are super easy. can only make so many before your daughter says "I have enough mom"

I also love making these little felt flowers that can be pined on a hat, or a jacket, bag or even a lamp shade. But, although they are crazy cute we finally hit our max for personal use/love

now I've moved on to making pinafore dresses for my girls. Another thing that is fun to make. But little girls can only have so many.

My next project needs to be something for Colin. that poor kid is definitely left out when it comes to my sewing projects. Any ideas?

Isn't it cute? and it's reversible!!

On another note. today was the first day of December and this year we are trying something new. Instead of a candy, candle, ext. advent calender we are doing a book a day.

My sister and I went to The Goodwill on the day after Thanksgiving for their 50% off entire store sale and it was wonderful!! I was able to get all of their books for the month and a ton of other awesome stuff. I truly LOVE the Goodwill.
I think they enjoyed getting a new "to them" book. Colin thought his came from the library so I think that's why at first he wasn't that excited. and I can understand that. we check out about 50 books a month. Once he realized that he could put "his" book in the bookshelf upstairs was a nice treat for him. I'm not sure what Emilie thought. She loved her book and all of the pictures but after we read it she moved on pretty fast.
On our way up to bed tonight Colin said "I can't wait to see what book I get tomorrow." and that my friends makes it all worth it.

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