Colin, Emilie & Molly

They make me laugh everyday...

Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

Sunday was my 35Th birthday... Wow 35...
I'm still amazed that I'm 35. Most days I feel 25.
25 was a really good year.
I love being 35.
I love who I have become.
I love the little humans that choose me to be their momma,
And the man who wants to spend his life with me.
I love that I have an amazing mom and sister plus my sisters awesome family.
I love my amazing friends.
I love my life!
And without all of you this journey would suck :-)


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Welcome home!



The most consistent thing in these kiddos lives is that their daddy never travels for work.
For the first time in their lives he was away from us for a whole week. I know I know...A whole week. Wow Dana how did you mange. My sister and 3 of my closest friends are rolling their eyes at me.
We have it really good in this house. Doug works nights and is up by 10 am, hangs with me and the kiddos all day and heads off to work around 415pm.
It was a huge deal for us when he got home. signs, cheers and giant smiles.


This little girl didn't know what to do. I think at this moment she realized...Hey! you've been gone for awhile!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

before & after


I can't believe it is already Thursday...
Today is my 5 year olds last day of preschool...
I'm definitely more effected by it then he is. He just keeps asking when all of this rain is going to stop and summer is going to get here.

Today's before and after picture sums up exactly how we all feel around here.
I've had my camera for a week and a half.
I love this camera...There is just so much to learn. And the editing...oh my goodness....
I think Colin needs a break from my camera. It is always in his sweet face.


Taken with my Nikon d90
Edited in lightroom 2
the history section in lightroom shows that I did about a bazillion things to this picture. But really all I did was used the preset strong contrast. and the heal brush for the chocolate on his nose.

Thanks for stopping by! I can't wait to start checking out everyone's amazing pictures!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Best broom...ever!

He's just on a break right now.  Normally my floors are spotless...

Check out some more fabulous pets over at the Trendy Tree house...


If you look past...

The little boy coloring, you will see his...

Sweet little feet making...

This sweet, sleepy black dog very happy!


New hair do...

While brushing Emilie's teeth last night she touched her hair and said "will you cut my hair short like Hailey's?"
"Sure Em" I said.

I think I did a pretty good job.
*I took off at least 2 inches
*It's about 80% straight
*Thank goodness her hair has body because you will never see the other 20%
And the best part...I didn't have to leave the house!

Molly and Emilie together...

I love it!!
The girls made it onto the website together!

The best part was when they took this picture Emilie was saying to Molly..."Molls! Don't touch it"

Now I have to be patient and wait for the pictures of them in the shoes. Very patient because it's not until Feb. 2011

This is such a great company! Check them out!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sous chefs...


They take their jobs very seriously.
Sometimes fighting..."Its my turn!"
But their favorite part of making process is always the pouring


And of course...

Or in Colin's case picking out the chocolate chips with his teeth.
As far as banana bran muffins go these where really good. We added banana to keep them moist and used whole wheat pastry flour instead of straight whole wheat flour.


He is always up for a good pose.


He said this how they made him feel. What does that mean?
Is he already feel "regular from the bran?"
I think he just means strong.


While we all baked Molly kept getting herself into trouble.

I love the face she makes when she is busted.
The picture isn't very good but it will at least make me laugh for years to come.

Right after i say {gasp}Molls!


She has this sneaky little grin
Then she smiles, but won't give me eye contact.
Such a little shit.


This is her total M.O. and I love it.
She has my SO suckered!!

so much information....

Learning something new is so exhausting.
Between my obsession with my camera and now photo shop
my poor family is going to go CRAZY.
hopefully one day it wont be so all consuming.
one day...
Just wait kiddos.
You will thank me in 30 years when you have awesome photos to show your families.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Before & After

This week has been crazy!!
The girls had their little shoe modeling gig for See Kai run at the end of last week for two days and then Doug left Sunday for a week for work.
 And now I decide to gut the house and get rid of everything.
Thank goodness I checked Pixel perfects site. I almost forgot it was Thursday and time for...
 I love this blog hop...I would have been very sad if I missed it.

Taken with...wait for own camera! That's right folks I finally did it. I finally decided on a camera and went out and got it.
Nikon d90
Edited in Picasa 3
Cropped, adjusted the shadow and saturation.
Thanks for stopping by! I can't wait to see yours!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dinner for Max...

When we got home I let Molly try some ice cream

She loved it! And I love those buck teeth!

But...Someone/thing was watching her...

And she loves it. She likes to give him little teasers...First...

Then the Jackpot!
She shared the rest of her ice cream cone with Maxie. He is forever in love with Molly!
I wonder what she will share tomorrow?

She's finally getting it...

It's taken over a month but she is finally getting it. And even has a smile on her face.

While Emilie practiced, Molly chased her bro.

It wouldn't be a night without ice cream...

Mom n Me

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I did it! I took a few pictures of me and the kiddos.
Not good pictures, but pictures.
I also got to work in Colin's preschool class today and our very good friend Sam came down and watched the girls.
{That is who took the two pictures of me and Colin. Thank you Sam!}





This wasent the best shot of me and Colin, but check out Emilie's face...

Can't leave out this sweet face...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome the newest member of our family!!

As pathetic as it sounds I really do LOVE this camera. My extremely giving friend Jen, let me borrow her d70 for the last few months.
I drug that camera everywhere!
It was truly apart of my family. So much so that when Colin would here the focus chime, no matter where he was, he would look up and smile.
The only reason why I was able to walk  swagger into a store this morning with all three of my kiddos was because of my amazing family. My birthday is this month and they all pitched in some cash. I LOVE all of you sooooo much. Thank you, thank you!

If you ever see me on the street I guarantee this beautiful new member of the family will be somewhere very close. Maybe even in the Ergo carrier :-) Wherever it is I will be taking your picture, so watch out!

For the first time my hubby is away from us for a whole week. I have no idea how all of you out there with spouses that travel do it? I was shocked at how sad I was. I know it gets easier but it still sucks.
So here is how we eat when he is gone...

This is how we feed the dog when he is gone...

And yes Doug I re-arranged the house...again... Colin helped.
We love you and miss you!!

It's sunny! but not for long...

This last week was a giant reminder on how important family and friend are. And now again this week I am leaning heavily on my friends.
Last Thursday was great day. Emilie and I headed out to Discovery park where she did some modeling for an amazing local shoe company.
I was so nervous!
Emilie is a bit if a wild card and I was worried that on that day she would be letting the crazy out.
But she didn't. She did great. She had so much fun getting 100% attention.
All she wanted to do when it was over was play on the beach.
Thank goodness my mom stepped in the night before and took Emilie overnight and cleaned her up for me.
After lunch my bookends, Colin and Molly and I headed up to grammys to drop them off and grab little miss.
The next day was Molly's turn to model the See Kai Run shoes with Emilie. It was so cute! They did some shots separate and some together.

Before we headed to Seattle we had some fun in the sun.




Then it was time for some lunch. She was so excited to take Molly with her.

Lets go girls!!

Where was Colin? With my amazing friend Molly. Thank you Molly!!!!
And my trainwreck would not have been able to get through those 2 1/2 hours without you Samantha!
What better way to finish a great couple of days...Birthday cake for a friend at 10pm

Saturday morning was nice and relaxing...

We all enjoyed the sun...

Here is Max...the sweetest dog ever! He just wants to be loved.
I posted a picture of his bro last Thursday and I thought Max deserved some paparazzi time this weekend.
Plus he is so darn photogenic!

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