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Sunday, January 27, 2013


 This month has flown by!!
I can not believe February is just around the corner.

Only a few pictures where taken this month. 
Almost all of them by my phone.

I will NEVER go back to the Seattle Costco
It was the most intense Costco I have ever been to.
Even the employee's seemed pissed off.
At least they have a cool view.

Best dog...ever

Little Miss actually stopped and looked at a book

For about 5.6 seconds.
Then she went back to being her normal self.

Play Mobil cracks me up!
They are so literal and fantastic.
Emilie's horse set came with poop.

I still have the hobo set above my sink in the kitchen. 
He is too fantastic not to.

Yep, we got the flu.
Molly and I where taken down...hard.
Thankfully we are on the mend and feeling a lot better.

For two nights I was Molly's room mate and slept in Emilie's bed.
This is how Emilie had her stuff set up at the end of her bed.
Right back at you horse in the middle.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


 December went way too fast. 
I love this month. Mostly because it is my boys birthday month.
From the moment I found out he was due so close to Christmas I worried his day would get lost in the season.
This year he set my worries at ease. At least for a little bit. He told me that he loves that his day is so close to Christmas. He loves that this time of year everyone is happy and everything is decorated where ever we go.
I love that boy so much.

This was Paisleys first Christmas with us.
She is not a big fan of rustling of papers. Bummer for her that the whole Christmas tree setting up process is rustling papers.

Every year our tree gets fuller and fuller with the kiddos hand made and LEGO ornaments.
I love telling them the stories where each one came from and how old they where when we made them together. 

He is such a patient teacher when it comes to Emilie.

This was Mollys first year making a LEGO ornament.
She did great. 
Only got made at it twice and only threw it once.

We skipped making/decorating a gingerbread house this year and tried cookies.
Way better!! 
I loved seeing their finished cookies and their unique touches
So funny.

I had very few moments this year that I would say I had my act together.
One of those few moments was way back in October when I remembered to order Santa Train tickets.
I am so glad I did!

We had a great day!
Even though it was raining really hard we stayed warm and dry.

On our way home we took a quick detour to see how full the falls where.

They are always an amazing sight.

Next stop Colin's birthday!!

This year we kept his birthday mellow.
Honestly I don't think I could of handled  more then what we did.
He went to school in the morning and after lunch we went to Bellevue to have dinner and watch the drummers at snow flake lane.
We finished the night off with a drive around town looking at all of the fun Christmas decorations. 

I say this every year.
But I can't believe he is a year older.

The next morning we took a quick trip to one of the scariest places on earth.
The Bellevue square mall.
The closest LEGO store and the only place we could get more LEGO train tracks.

We braved the mall,  survived and had fun!
Poor Emilie was sooooo sick in this picture. She is the true champ that day.

Time to build.

Between Thanksgiving and Colin's birthday I took a lot of pictures with my phone.
Here are some of my favorites

At 6am I braved Joann's day after Thanksgiving sale.
The things I will do for my little business.

Sent 25 weighted blankets off to new homes.
Each of those boxes are at least 16 pounds.
I am so proud of those boxes.

To get those blankets done on time I found extra time by sewing in the back of my car during ballet class.

Molly had her first Preschool Christmas party.

We made Emilie pull out her two bottom teeth.
It sounds meaner then is really was.
Her two big teeth where all the way in and her two little baby teeth where sideways in her mouth. 
She couldn't  eat, open her mouth or smile. 
It was time for her to get angry and get them out.

In the end she was super happy and proud of herself.
Almost as proud as we where of her.

In December I had another awesome opportunity this year to work with the fantastic shoe company See Kai Run and in return I came home with lots shoes.
Such an awesome company!

Can't wait to see the kiddos pictures in February 

We had a dusting of snow. 
Was really hoping for a white Christmas.
Maybe next year.

Crafting magic happened.

Lots of eggnog shakes from McDonald's where brought home to be made better by adding bourbon to them after my nightly frantic runs to the post office at 5pm.

A few months ago I moved my family away from wheat. 
Since then I have had to figure out ways to help Emilie not miss her peanut butter sandwiches.
Using apple slices seems to be her favorite.

I was so excited to get this from the Land of Nod 
It made my day.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get our Christmas and New years photos on here.
Probably not...

I worked crazy hard before Christmas to get orders out so I could take time off between Christmas and last night.
It was fantastic! 
Getting back into a sewing groove has been hard.
 I forgot how wonderful my couch feels ounce the kiddos go to sleep.

I have yet to figure out how to take care of my family, friendships, home, work and me.
It feels like I am only taking care of my family and work.

This year I really hope to figure out how to manage more.
I've always wanted to learn how to juggle.
This is going to be the year I learn!!

Sorry about all of the spelling and grammar errors. 
This is also going to be the year I learn how to spell and write :-)

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