Colin, Emilie & Molly

They make me laugh everyday...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cougar Mountain...

Today was a great for a hike...

Coal car from one of the mines

We took up the whole trail...

Colin loved all of the bridges

Emilie spent the whole morning looking for the perfect walking stick
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I couldn't resist...

On our adventure at Cougar Mtn Park little miss fell asleep on me in the Ergo.
I couldn't resist getting a little creative with her nap time photo.

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(verb) sandwich
two (or more) slices of bread with a filling between them

My definition is how I would like my husband to talk to me when he needs to say something negative.
Say the negative sandwiched between two positives.

"Dana, you look really nice left the garage a giant mess. Have I told you how much I love you?"

We both did it today,and it is really hard to be upset with someone when they end with a positive.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lisa Leonard

I love, love, love this necklace!
 Lisa Leonard makes each piece by hand.
She is base out of central California and has a fabulous web site and blog.
Check it out!!

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Little Helper...

I have confession to make...I love Girl Scout cookies. Mostly the Samoas. So much so that I hate sharing them.
How I am going to get around sharing them?
We made really yummy chocolate chip/oatmeal bars.

I love having company at my feet while I cook/bake.
I always miss this stage.
The stage where they just want to hang out with you.

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The time of day when I stop carrying around a cold cup of coffee that I have been drinking all day. To carrying around a cold Stella.
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Perfect New Years Day...

Colin had school. Emilie...Was Emilie. Molly...Was Molly.
My New Years Day was perfect.
Around every corner I had friends.
Friends that are amazing.
 Friends that tell stories that make me laugh.
Friends that remind me how awesome life is.
I love you gals.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today is finally over! Hello new year...

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This is how I celebrated this day being over. Once the kiddos where tucked in bed and the house put backed together.
Today is the 24th. The day 3 years ago I lost my dad to cancer. I know, just yesterday was Molly's birthday. That whole story will be told June 17th. Stay tuned...

I dreaded this day starting back in December.
Getting to this day is everything! It is my New Years eve and everything is better tomorrow. No more what ifs, only new days and new adventures with my 3 little ducks.

Best Meatballs...Ever...

I thought I was the coolest thing ever tonight. I picked up some ground buffalo at whole foods, which is on sale for 4.99lb and made awesome buffalo balls (ha ha). Onions, shredded carrots and mushrooms, wholewheat bread crumbs, 1 egg and the secret ingredient....grated Parmesan cheese. They where so good. I pictured Colin and Emilie eating them and telling me how amazing they where between each giant bite. I even wore my super cute apron...
And yes those are PJ bottoms. That is just the kind of day it was.
But, they didn't like them. Actually the words I think Colin used was "Do I really have to east these?" don't. What would you like eat...

Molly liked them!!
 At least two of us did. Make that 3. I'm sure Doug will eat them when he gets home at 4am
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I guess this won't be labeled as a good idea... It was a good try and I loved them.

This will have to do...

I LOVE Golden Grahams and these are just as awesome!
Got them today at whole foods for 3 bucks.

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Even good to the babes...

Yesterday I wrote about my awesome mommy friends. Those same mommy friend are amazing to my kiddos.
"Big" Molly as my son calls her (our Molly was named after her) gave her these on her big day.

I am so lucky!!
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Come and Gone...

Feb 23rd has come and now that Molly is fast asleep it is over.

This sweet little human...
I didn't even know that I wanted her until the moment I found out I was pregnant. Then couldn't imagine my life without her.
She has done nothing but made our lives better everyday.

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Don't get me wrong... All she did the first 3 months is cry and all I did was cry.
But, we made it and we are better for it.
I truly feel she was sent here to help me deal with tomorrow. And be a constant reminder that life goes on and it can only get better.

Happy Birthday Molly!!

See Kai Run

The See Kai Run add is up!
Hurray for Molly! And on her birthday
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Molly's 1st birthday party!

Happy Happy birthday! It's your special day!! Happy Happy birthday we survived to shout HURRAY!

She LOVED every minute of it!!

Later Folks! Thanks for coming!

Happy Birthday sweet Molly!
I love you so much!!

Thankyou for rocking our world...
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Day with kiddos

Emilie Love's preschool! Hates that I have to stay in the class with her. Every Monday she asks me to leave her at the door like I do Colin. Sorry sweet girl you are stuck with me all year.

Colin loves his swim lessons!! It is a lot of fun watching him get better every week.

It wouldn't be a post with out this sweet face.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh mister sun, sun mister golden sun...

Thank you for shinning down on us!

We headed out this morning to enjoy the sunshine at the zoo. But every parking spot was full by 1130 am and I'm not good with crowds. One very crowded bathroom with all of my kids would just throw me over the edge.

Off to Seattle Center we went. Plenty of parking a no crowds. Plus at lunch we got to watch the national Yo-Yo championships. No joke.

My patient little boy can always find a place to drive his cars

I thought this garage door was really cool and so did the kiddos

How could you not love a giant fountain with music

Best view in town

We love the Space Needle

All adventures must come to an end.
Until tomorrow...
Then we get to celebrate little Molly's birthday!!

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