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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

7 years...

I can't believe it has been 7 years...I can't believe we got married before digital photography. I had to scanned these photos in which is why the quality is crap and I only got 3 in.
After Doug and I got married we soon got pregnant with Colin. Instead of finishing starting my wedding album I started obsessing on having a baby. 2 years later I tried to get enlargements and copies. But wouldn't you know it right after I wrote the check I never heard back from them.
So after that try I had another baby, dad died and I never wanted to look at another picture again.
Cut to 7 years and I want those damn pictures. I have all bazillion proofs and one 8X10. Thank god for the www. Guess who I found online today...That's right my wedding photographer. How much do you want to bet that he says that he doesn't remember us. But you know he does because our wedding was awesome! Probably the best he has ever been to!
Anyway... 7 years...
Happy Anniversary Doug. I love you more everyday.
We were married on the beautiful steam boat the Virginia V and was absolutely the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to.

Me and my dad. Thank god there were so many things that he did get to be apart of.

My friend Lisa that a write about a lot surprised me!! See why I love her so.

The Virginia V

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another week down...

Doug left again today for his last week of training in Spokane. I have no idea how single mom's or dads do it.
I'm tired.  I always forget how much Doug does for us daily. Or at least for me.
When he is home and wakes up in morning I get to head out for my daily run.
I've really missed that.

This last week I spent a few days at my sisters and my moms. I'm still trying to recover... two nights up until 1 am laughing and laughing is great at the time but not so great days later.
But I would still do it again. The laughing part is just too great!

On Friday the kiddos and I got tucked back into our home and waited for dad to come home.
While we waited Colin and I played with the timer on my camera.
It was a lot of fun. And I think we got some great pictures.

Colin took this one and he did awesome!
And yes I was having a heart attach the whole time he was holding it.

Emilie spotted us and came on over

Then Molly wondered what we were up to.

I finally got one with all three of my kiddos

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baby it's hot outside!

This poor sweet face is not loving the heat. I think he has just given up and is calling his new home the upstairs bathroom. But only the area around the toilet. Its perfect real estate for him. Water on demand and cold porcelain on the belly.

Emilie's new place to melt is on the couch. she just lays there....all day. Every once in awhile she sits up, makes the announcement that she needs to cool of and heads out to the blow up pool. Few minutes later comes back in and lays back down.

Colin, he sits all day building LEGOs.

This heat is crazy...
Even I am starting to loose it. I sit all day in front of my sewing machine trying to make stuff. I suck at it, but I try. Here is today's half ass creations
{Not so great}
{Little better}
Although I LOVE the gut shot
I need to learn from her and just let it all hang out
And here is just a cute sweaty shot of Molls.
It is suppose to start cooling down tomorrow. this weather is so crazy. Nothing in the middle this year. It has been supper hot, or rainy. I can only imagine what the winter is going to be like....
One fabulous thing about today was the thank you gift we got from our neighbor.
Mango's, kiwi, strawberries, pineapple and grapes with chocolate

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Obsession

 I LOVE these little green tank dresses. But I did not love how plain they {where}

I have many weaknesses. But one of those many weaknesses is ruffles. I could make ruffles all day.
 And today I had a place to put them.
Molly's {M} and Emilie's {E} look fantastic ruffled

I even hand stitched them on for strength and fluff factor.

I even had extra places for my ruffles to hang out
hot glue gun say hello to some Barrett's, head bands and ruffles

So what do you think?
Do you love them as much as me or am I just drunk with ruffle love?

Hot enough...

You know its hot out when little miss gets into the pool.
And she even loved it.

Emilie and Colin had fun jumping into the pool and both have their own style.
Emilie is very serious and all about the belly flop.

Colin is all about the high jump and splash!

I am so happy he is finally feeling better. He still has an awful cough but over all he is doing better.

Having dad home for a day and a half helped too!
But now poor dad is on his way back to Spokane to start his 2nd of 3 weeks crash reconstruction course. Which I would fail miserably at.
Too much geometry and too much class room time.

Something that is not failing is my itty bitty garden
the tomatoes are so happy

the pumpkin vine is finally stretching out it beautiful legs

the ants are loving the dahlia's

And I am loving my beautiful poppies

We are also having a crazy {for us} heat wave. It was 105 in our back yard today. And to top it off I came in to get an ice cold beer and guess what I found... A f-n broken fridge. REALLY today of all days!! Doug has already left and it f-n HOT.
Oh well {many deep breaths later} I've fixed it once I can fix it again.
and if not SEARS delivers and I have always wanted a bottom freezer.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This morning...

I really hoped when I woke up this morning that everything would start to look up.
Poor Colin has had a fever for 7 days and Yesterday I had to load everyone up for the hour long car ride to the pediatrician.
once there they drew his blood...twice and then told us that he has a virus. No shit...I know that. At least now I heard it from a dr. Away they sent us.
Once home little dude only got worse. 103.4 temp.
Called the doc in the AM to get some antibiotics.
And once again I am reminded why I love my dear neighbor Molly so much. She drug her family out to the store for me to pick up Colin's meds and while she waited she picked us up a game, book and Strawberry shortcake movie.
And while neighbor Molly is awesome my Molly only wants held.
Here is our AM together

And our PM together
Good chance that she is also getting sick. Or she is just dramatic like her big sis, who keeps telling me she is a little sick.
(note my haggard hair)
And this is where I found Colin once the sun came out. Poor guy... he has lost so much weight that I am now having to roll the waist down on his pants. (he is on the other hand always that pale)

And then he thought he would also like to ride in the Moby. But he didn't

Tomorrow is a new day.


This morning I found all of these beautiful fruits and Veggies on my front porch.
Full Circle Farms delivers and my delivery time is 130am
Except this is the last week. I bought a GROUPON a few weeks ago for $19 I got 80 dollars worth of veggies and that ran out today.
I would love to keep the service but it seems like every week veggies go to waste in my fridge.
So, this week I am going to do everything I can to eat every tiny beautiful morsel. If I do and I enjoyed it I will try it again for another week.

Here was my awesome dinner
Cold beautiful salad on one side and a sauteed yummy salad on the other with beautiful stuffed pasta in a corner and way to much feta. This girl loves feta.

Even Molly liked her yummy dinner. I promise I put more on her tray. We can only do little bits at a time.

Next came the judges...One sick and one very picky. They both ate really good. Not as good as normal but good enough for today.
Now what am going to make with green chard? I'll have to take that one with me to my sisters tomorrow so we can both enjoy it :-)

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Can you guess...

What we did last night after Doug left?
Colin wanted them left out all night so he could see them in the morning.
But...The Molly Monster woke up in the A.M.and destroyed.
Sorry Colin

I also brought the kichen set downstairs this morning.
 Molly loves this stuff and I thought it would be fun for her to have something to play with.
But...Emilie had a different idea...
Nice Em...I don't think any of that will keep Molly out.
Good Morning

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Came down with an awful flu.
High fever and over all tiredness.
But...He did manage to find some energy to go check out all of our new friends

And our new friends are everywhere.
They usually start hanging out in the yard by June and are full grown by now.
Not this year...Everything is taking its sweet time getting here.

Hope all of your kiddos are healthy.
Any bets on who will get in next?
My money is on Molly.
She's pissy and has diarrhea.
Too much info?
Sorry, but
You all know what I'm going through.

Before & After

 WOW! another Thursday is here and this one is on August... Crazy! In just a few short weeks my little first born will be starting kindergarten...Should I start crying now so that I won't cry so much on D Day?
Anyway...I love this picture of my original 2nd born now turned 4th born. It's taken 5 years to get him to sit by a plate of food that is being eaten by a toddler and not take it all in one giant bite and then lay back down like nothing happened
Plus...I like that he looks like he is scared of the little mail truck
Love ya Maxie dog and I don't show you enough
(Story of my life)
{Before} Taken with my Nikon d90

I cropped it, softened it and played with the saturation
{After}edited in elements and picasa 3

now its time to hop on over to
and check out some very cool before & afters

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