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Friday, May 6, 2011

and this week...

was soooooooo long. Colin got the nasty bug that Emile had, but his lasted for 6 long days. Molly also got it but was done within 3 days.
By the time the week was over it was time for Emilie's  mother's day tea party at school.
Whats that? Mothers day is coming up? Oh.......

First she showed me that their Caterpillars hatched....into butterflies. Very cool. 
Why didn't we have this cool stuff when we were in school?

Next stop,  tea and cookies. She took her job very seriously. 

Even though she brought them to me, she ate all of them.

Patiently waiting to bring me her gift.

Such a special gift! I was surprise how much it meant to me. Ever since my dad  passed away hand prints have never been the same to me. We made a hand print of his hand after he died and it made me realize how important the little things are and how nice it is to have something to touch once someone is gone. Seeing her little hand in clay was a lot for this mama to take.

Tonight was the second night these three little one's spent in the same room. They all moved into the same room two nights ago so we could make Colin's room  the toy/play room. I love it, they love it but Molly is taking some time getting use to the fact that she needs to STAY IN BED. {She moved out of her crib last week}
She will get there before I know it. What I do know is they are an amazing group of kiddos and I am so lucky to have them.


  1. I have a soft spot for those hand prints too! I just love them. I remember making one for my mom when I was in kindergarten. Spray painted bronze;)

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  3. Hi Dana, I love your blog...don't know why I haven't found it before. We miss you guys! Your little ducks are beautiful and getting sooo big.

    jay laughlin

    (sorry for the re-post. I just noticed that my gmail only listed me as JP)

  4. Catching up & getting my Dana fix. Two posts in and I'm already bawling :) Ha, missed you lady. Love all the new photos you've put up too


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