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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reset number 105,548

We all needed the walk we went on tonight.
This month has been long, long and long.
Someone has either been sick, pissed off or both

At least once a week Molly has been waking up with croup. This last time the seal bark was missing. Just my little nugget having a hard time breathing.
Like magic she gets better once she is curled up in my dads old desk chair warm and snug between 3 blankets and the sliding door  open letting in the very moist, cold Washington air.

Tonight's walk was the perfect reset button for us.
All of the frustration that has been sitting on my shoulders was gone.
All I saw when I watched my little's play tonight was, laughter,  smiles and love.
All of my love.

I saw how lucky I am to have them.

How lucky I am that they will be patient with me

They will let me have as many reset as I want.

They always make me feel like an amazing mom.

I am so lucky to have these three and all of their patience, forgiveness, kindness and love


She found her favorite rock to throw into the pond and carried it the whole way.

But first they needed to stop and admire one of the gazillion slugs that we have cruising around this time of year.

Then she could complete her mission and throw her favorite rock.

This boy loves the mud and throwing anything that can skip across water.

Yes little miss, thumbs up to a perfect ending to a very hard-ish month.

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