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Sunday, November 18, 2012

catch up

Its weekends like the one we just got done with that remind me that I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. 
Even though it rains...a lot.
We spent two days over in Port Townsend with great friends and their great kiddos celebrating one of their birthdays.
Port Townsend is just a short drive for us up the Olympic peninsula, yet I haven't been in over 10 years.
We need to go more. Its a very cool little town.

The view from the crazy old hotel that we stayed in was perfect. Something new to see every time I looked out the window.

I'm not sure if my kids have either beaten me down and I don't notice they are spazing out or they are finally starting to chill out. 
A year ago they would have never done this in a coffee shop waiting for me.

For the two days the boys ran around Fort Worden having a fantastic time. The first day it rained and the girls and I came up later in the day and met them at the hotel. 
The second day we all went to the fort and I am so glad we did.
The place is picture perfect. 
Kissed one too many times by the sea air making it perfect.

It was super cold out but this girls smile says it all.

How cool it that there is a giant container ship cruising down the  Strait of Juan de Fuca behind her in this picture.
The Strait of Juan de Fuca is a large body of water about 95 miles long that is the Salish Sea outlet to the Pacific Ocean. The international boundary between the United States and Canada runs down the center of the Strait.

The kids spent the whole time chasing each other around inside this giant bunker that over looks the Strait

It was a fantastic weekend and I can't wait to do it again next year!


I can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here and I am just now looking at our Halloween/October pictures.
As always I waited until the last minute to take the kids to a pumpkin patch.
My hope in doing this is that there will be very few people there or like this year get super lucky because we where the only people there!

Plus, the pumpkins can get carved right away and not rot out before Halloween.

One day I will get a picture will all of them looking at the camera.

We surprised Colin and pulled him out of school early that day to take him with us.

She gets such a kick out of herself.

The sun felt amazing. It had been raining all week and finally decided to let up for the hour we where out and about.

This was the first year that Molly cleaned her own pumpkin.
She still kept her distance in a weird pumpkin gutting poise but she did it.

I think my mom being there helped her feel brave about the whole thing.

Colin's before

All three after
Colin's is the one on the left.
I think we did a good job keeping the carving true to his idea

Few days later came Halloween.
This year Colin was Indiana Jones.

Em was a witch and Molly at the last minute pulled a fireman's costume out of the dress up bin.

Poor little Molly ended up having pneumonia.

The whole night she rode in the wagon and had her sister trick or treat for her. 
Emilie was so awesome about it. She would Explain to each home that she needed extra candy for her sick sister and then would run it down to Molly in the wagon.

Once Molly and Doug where tapped out the rest of us headed down to the other neighborhood.

These two rock stars made until 9.
 And still wanted to keep going.

The weather was fantastic.
Chilly, dry and the perfect amount of creepy.

That is all I can do for tonight.
My work day starts at 9pm.
 If I post this now I will have a few minutes to spare!

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