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Monday, May 2, 2011

Best May day!

This little dude loves to ride his motorcycle. But because of where we live and the ages of the girls its hard for us to go to any old place for him to ride. The last time he got to ride his dirt bike was in Montana last July. Thats a long time ago. He seems to be OK with it and doesn't complain because he understands. But when an awesome opportunity comes up  and we can go someplace for him to ride he is not about to let a 101 degree fever stop him. We figured the drive/ferry ride to Oak Harbor would be a nice break for him and if he wasn't up for riding there was still an amazing lunch being made, the beach to explore and an extra bonus the carnival was also in town.
Emilie could care less about the dirt bike part she was so excited for the beach and could not get much better for that little girl.

Once we got to our new FAVORITE place you would never know that 2 out of 3 kiddos were sick.
We also got to bring Max.! This property is such a dream. It has everything Doug and I would ever want in our own property. 
Property to walk, land to work, room for chickens, a big old work garage and a view of the ocean and mountains. It was   great reminder that we need property. Not just because  space is awesome but emotionally that is what I need. minus the ocean view. There is no way we could get that part. 

The amazing folks that made this day possible and Colin fan club.

On his first ride of the season, #119 COLIN!

Even though her brother was getting a ton of attention Emilie was on cloud nine. She had millions of dandelions to pick. Or as she calls them dandy flowers. She has been waiting not so patiently since last fall for those yellow faced weeds to be back and the magic they become when they turn white and fluffy.

Not to be left out of the fun.

Next activity... magical bubbles. 
Bubbles are so awesome! How could they not make you smile. Bubbles are one of those awesome things you forget about until you become a parent and you wonder why you ever stopped. Also on that list, LEGO's, blocks and naps.

Bubble machines should be on everyone's top 5 list of things they must have.

Easy rider...that bike looks a little small for you....
I have about 50 more pictures of him riding Colin's bike and a few videos, but those will have to wait for another day. :-)

It was nice to see her so happy.

After a little break and some Motrin he was back at it. He is such a tough little kid. It probably sounds like I was making him go ride even though he was sick, but this was all him. This was exactly what he needed. Sunshine and a dirt bike.


I thought my baby wearing days were over. 
I thought wrong. This little one was also sick and needed some mom time.
I hope one day when she is older she finds this picture.

******Next stop. Carnival!***** 
This was Emilie and Molly's first time. You would never know that by how brave they were on every ride.

My original plan was to have Molly chill in the stroller. That wasn't her plan.

This silly helicopter ride was too little for Colin. The carnie lady told him he was too tall.
Emilie had no problem enjoying the ride all by herself. Especially knowing that Colin was too big.
So "too big" Colin went to....

Something bigger and better!

The older kiddos finished off the rides with a fun rollercoasterish ride.

You can't leave a carnival without spending a few dollars on fishing games.

Last stop before heading home.
Sunset beach

Everything Emilie did Molly tried to do. Do you think she was thinking "I can do that better." or "that's really cool and I want to try it."
I'm sure I will know soon enough.


Do you think Emilie was thinking "I love you sister." or "What if I pushed Molly into the water? Would mom get mad?"

{Our Family}

Worlds best rock skipper... according to his family. (Isn't that all that matters)

Phew...that was a long and FANTASTIC day! Even with the 3 hour drive on each end, 2 sick kids, gas that cost a bazillion dollars a gallon it was all still worth it and I can't wait to do it again and again and again. 
Minus the carnival. I can only do that maybe once a year.

This was also our first time back since my dad passed away 4 years ago and my mom moved off of the island. Instead of being sad and full of memories it was perfect and full of great memories! Even walking on the same beach  my dad loved to walk on wasn't hard. Just really nice to be on with my family.

What a great May 1st!!


  1. What great pictures of a fun family day!! I would love to have some land with an ocean and a mountain view, but that would mean we would have to move far, far away. We'll have to make our own homestead here in the hills of NE Mississippi work for us!

  2. Love taking a peek into y'alls adventures! So glad you got a family photo and I am in love of the pics of you & the girls and Colin on the bike. So cool. Glad the trip back was a happy one filled with good memories. I have not made that trip yet myself, hoping it will be just as joyous of an occasion for my family.


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