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Monday, May 23, 2011

for just a moment...

For 3 short days we had the wonderful sun back with all of its warmth and love. Just long enough for us to get use to it and beg  it to stay for just one more or 90 days. As fast as it showed up it disappeared and left in its place rain and gray clouds.
In those three days we spent our time outside playing, cooking,  eating,  napping and of course blowing bubbles.
Molly had her first fudge Popsicle and because she is so nice she shared it with her whole face.

Colin was once again sick. This time with an ear infection. He said that playing in the sun was all the medicine he needed. sorry buddy last time I checked the sun's rays weren't made out of amoxicillin.

At least the chives are loving the rain and the little bit of sun

Little miss has been trying and trying to blow bubbles. And wouldn't you know it all of her hard work finally payed off.

Colin could care less about blowing his own bubbles. He likes to go new school and use the bubble guns. They push out way more bubbles and you can run around in circles with them.

He can also blow a bazillion of them at his napping parents.


  1. Love all your pictures! Can you send me the recipe for that rainbow cake you made your daughter for her birthday? I want to make it for my little ones 4th birthday.

  2. That last photo is gorgeous. I bet it was a very unique way to wake up.


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