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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This morning I found all of these beautiful fruits and Veggies on my front porch.
Full Circle Farms delivers and my delivery time is 130am
Except this is the last week. I bought a GROUPON a few weeks ago for $19 I got 80 dollars worth of veggies and that ran out today.
I would love to keep the service but it seems like every week veggies go to waste in my fridge.
So, this week I am going to do everything I can to eat every tiny beautiful morsel. If I do and I enjoyed it I will try it again for another week.

Here was my awesome dinner
Cold beautiful salad on one side and a sauteed yummy salad on the other with beautiful stuffed pasta in a corner and way to much feta. This girl loves feta.

Even Molly liked her yummy dinner. I promise I put more on her tray. We can only do little bits at a time.

Next came the judges...One sick and one very picky. They both ate really good. Not as good as normal but good enough for today.
Now what am going to make with green chard? I'll have to take that one with me to my sisters tomorrow so we can both enjoy it :-)

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  1. oh yum, that salad looks delicious. I keep thinking about joining a CSA, but for the moment we're at the good about buying veggies, bad about actually eating them before they rot stage. maybe once we start eating more veggies than we toss.

  2. That salad looks scrumptious!! you know what you need for the extra vegetables?? A BLENDTEC!! You would love it. I recently got one and have been making all kinds of delicious smoothies. I add chard and kale to my kids fruit smoothies and they don't have a clue!! So fun and I am going through all my fruits and veggies each week without any of them going to waste!!


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