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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baby it's hot outside!

This poor sweet face is not loving the heat. I think he has just given up and is calling his new home the upstairs bathroom. But only the area around the toilet. Its perfect real estate for him. Water on demand and cold porcelain on the belly.

Emilie's new place to melt is on the couch. she just lays there....all day. Every once in awhile she sits up, makes the announcement that she needs to cool of and heads out to the blow up pool. Few minutes later comes back in and lays back down.

Colin, he sits all day building LEGOs.

This heat is crazy...
Even I am starting to loose it. I sit all day in front of my sewing machine trying to make stuff. I suck at it, but I try. Here is today's half ass creations
{Not so great}
{Little better}
Although I LOVE the gut shot
I need to learn from her and just let it all hang out
And here is just a cute sweaty shot of Molls.
It is suppose to start cooling down tomorrow. this weather is so crazy. Nothing in the middle this year. It has been supper hot, or rainy. I can only imagine what the winter is going to be like....
One fabulous thing about today was the thank you gift we got from our neighbor.
Mango's, kiwi, strawberries, pineapple and grapes with chocolate


  1. I've made S-girl a few skirts as of late. She loves them and they are so easy to make. Have you seen the make it and love it blog?? She had a great super easy pattern for a paper bag skirt a few days ago. It's adorable. I think I'm gonna try that next!!

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