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Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Obsession

 I LOVE these little green tank dresses. But I did not love how plain they {where}

I have many weaknesses. But one of those many weaknesses is ruffles. I could make ruffles all day.
 And today I had a place to put them.
Molly's {M} and Emilie's {E} look fantastic ruffled

I even hand stitched them on for strength and fluff factor.

I even had extra places for my ruffles to hang out
hot glue gun say hello to some Barrett's, head bands and ruffles

So what do you think?
Do you love them as much as me or am I just drunk with ruffle love?


  1. Adorable!! Just to let you know I haven't stopped dreaming about your little playhouse ... I just keep dreaming of my guys in one in our backyard ... I have so many projects I want to do back there. A chalkboard wall, a sand box, raised beds, upside down tomato plants ... I could go on & on

  2. you gotta love the fluff factor!! i really like the matching hair pieces!


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