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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another week down...

Doug left again today for his last week of training in Spokane. I have no idea how single mom's or dads do it.
I'm tired.  I always forget how much Doug does for us daily. Or at least for me.
When he is home and wakes up in morning I get to head out for my daily run.
I've really missed that.

This last week I spent a few days at my sisters and my moms. I'm still trying to recover... two nights up until 1 am laughing and laughing is great at the time but not so great days later.
But I would still do it again. The laughing part is just too great!

On Friday the kiddos and I got tucked back into our home and waited for dad to come home.
While we waited Colin and I played with the timer on my camera.
It was a lot of fun. And I think we got some great pictures.

Colin took this one and he did awesome!
And yes I was having a heart attach the whole time he was holding it.

Emilie spotted us and came on over

Then Molly wondered what we were up to.

I finally got one with all three of my kiddos


  1. These are terrific!! I can't remember the last time I get all three of mine in a photo .... hmm, I think you gave me something else to do this week :)

  2. What awesome pictures. What a great one of all of you!! Wow...

    And "Amen" on helping husbands. Aren't they great!! I don't ever want to take mine for granted!!

  3. okay that last pic there is WAY too cute! you could even clone that little bandaid on her knee right outta there...but it's cute too though b/c it's realy! you know "1000 ways you can skin it!"


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