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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hot enough...

You know its hot out when little miss gets into the pool.
And she even loved it.

Emilie and Colin had fun jumping into the pool and both have their own style.
Emilie is very serious and all about the belly flop.

Colin is all about the high jump and splash!

I am so happy he is finally feeling better. He still has an awful cough but over all he is doing better.

Having dad home for a day and a half helped too!
But now poor dad is on his way back to Spokane to start his 2nd of 3 weeks crash reconstruction course. Which I would fail miserably at.
Too much geometry and too much class room time.

Something that is not failing is my itty bitty garden
the tomatoes are so happy

the pumpkin vine is finally stretching out it beautiful legs

the ants are loving the dahlia's

And I am loving my beautiful poppies

We are also having a crazy {for us} heat wave. It was 105 in our back yard today. And to top it off I came in to get an ice cold beer and guess what I found... A f-n broken fridge. REALLY today of all days!! Doug has already left and it f-n HOT.
Oh well {many deep breaths later} I've fixed it once I can fix it again.
and if not SEARS delivers and I have always wanted a bottom freezer.



  1. i'm SO sorry to hear about your fridge! that's awful in any weather, but it's down right cruel with this heat!

  2. Love your outlook :) and your garden, and your kids in the pool and finding an update from you in my reader. Here's wishing you a few good weeks without the Mr. I know how much harder (and sometimes more fun) those can be. More popcorn on the patio I guess :)


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