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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This morning...

I really hoped when I woke up this morning that everything would start to look up.
Poor Colin has had a fever for 7 days and Yesterday I had to load everyone up for the hour long car ride to the pediatrician.
once there they drew his blood...twice and then told us that he has a virus. No shit...I know that. At least now I heard it from a dr. Away they sent us.
Once home little dude only got worse. 103.4 temp.
Called the doc in the AM to get some antibiotics.
And once again I am reminded why I love my dear neighbor Molly so much. She drug her family out to the store for me to pick up Colin's meds and while she waited she picked us up a game, book and Strawberry shortcake movie.
And while neighbor Molly is awesome my Molly only wants held.
Here is our AM together

And our PM together
Good chance that she is also getting sick. Or she is just dramatic like her big sis, who keeps telling me she is a little sick.
(note my haggard hair)
And this is where I found Colin once the sun came out. Poor guy... he has lost so much weight that I am now having to roll the waist down on his pants. (he is on the other hand always that pale)

And then he thought he would also like to ride in the Moby. But he didn't

Tomorrow is a new day.


  1. Too cute. So fun that you are documenting these moments.

  2. oH my, I am so sorry to hear little man is feeling ill. I think something is coming down in our house as well. My children have decided to give up sleeping and my littlest stayed up till 4am last night! Uggh, I was so not ready for that. I think it is his ears again but dread taking three kids to the Dr so much. I feel for you & your hour long drive. Ours is 45 min but another 30 to find parking! .. or a long hike

    Here's hoping all our kids get to feeling better soon

  3. I laughed so hard with Colin in the moby. That photo will come back to haunt him someday. I hope he gets better soon though (and more importantly the girls don't get taken down).

    Nice hair. ;)

    (which by the way, I wouldn't have noticed had you not pointed it out...but that is pretty funny.)

    - Sam


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