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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome the newest member of our family!!

As pathetic as it sounds I really do LOVE this camera. My extremely giving friend Jen, let me borrow her d70 for the last few months.
I drug that camera everywhere!
It was truly apart of my family. So much so that when Colin would here the focus chime, no matter where he was, he would look up and smile.
The only reason why I was able to walk  swagger into a store this morning with all three of my kiddos was because of my amazing family. My birthday is this month and they all pitched in some cash. I LOVE all of you sooooo much. Thank you, thank you!

If you ever see me on the street I guarantee this beautiful new member of the family will be somewhere very close. Maybe even in the Ergo carrier :-) Wherever it is I will be taking your picture, so watch out!

For the first time my hubby is away from us for a whole week. I have no idea how all of you out there with spouses that travel do it? I was shocked at how sad I was. I know it gets easier but it still sucks.
So here is how we eat when he is gone...

This is how we feed the dog when he is gone...

And yes Doug I re-arranged the house...again... Colin helped.
We love you and miss you!!

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