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Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcome home!



The most consistent thing in these kiddos lives is that their daddy never travels for work.
For the first time in their lives he was away from us for a whole week. I know I know...A whole week. Wow Dana how did you mange. My sister and 3 of my closest friends are rolling their eyes at me.
We have it really good in this house. Doug works nights and is up by 10 am, hangs with me and the kiddos all day and heads off to work around 415pm.
It was a huge deal for us when he got home. signs, cheers and giant smiles.


This little girl didn't know what to do. I think at this moment she realized...Hey! you've been gone for awhile!


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  1. Did he tear up? I would have been a wreck if I came home to my kids holding signs!


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