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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sous chefs...


They take their jobs very seriously.
Sometimes fighting..."Its my turn!"
But their favorite part of making process is always the pouring


And of course...

Or in Colin's case picking out the chocolate chips with his teeth.
As far as banana bran muffins go these where really good. We added banana to keep them moist and used whole wheat pastry flour instead of straight whole wheat flour.


He is always up for a good pose.


He said this how they made him feel. What does that mean?
Is he already feel "regular from the bran?"
I think he just means strong.


While we all baked Molly kept getting herself into trouble.

I love the face she makes when she is busted.
The picture isn't very good but it will at least make me laugh for years to come.

Right after i say {gasp}Molls!


She has this sneaky little grin
Then she smiles, but won't give me eye contact.
Such a little shit.


This is her total M.O. and I love it.
She has my SO suckered!!

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  1. Awesome that the love to cook! I'm trying to get my step-kids interested in the kitchen, but no dice so far. Bah.


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