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Saturday, September 25, 2010

I really don't have it that bad...

I know I complained about having to walk Max across the street to pee. But I really don't have it that bad. Its a great park that rarely has other folks in it when we are there and the view is....


Ask me how great it is when it is pouring rain, freezing cold or better yet snowing.
 did you see the hill on the right side of the top picture?
That is the same hill that causes butt loads of craziness whenever the roads freeze. 2 years ago only 2 cars hit the wall next to our home. Any bets on this year?


Its been 5 weeks since I last ran any distance. 5 weeks ago I also bought a much needed pair of running shoes. Giant running shoes. Here they sat waiting, and waiting.
Not anymore! I ran for the first time since pneumonia took over my life and it felt awesome. Well not at the time. But afterwards when I realized I survived. It was only three miles but I was pushing my girls and my guys were cheering me on the whole way. It's going to take awhile to get back to running an hour everyday. At least I'm able to get out there again!


Little man had his open house at school this week. He was so excited to share his school with us.
Here he is in front of his coat and backpack spot.

Colin showing me
what he does in the reading area of the room                                                             and Em had to too

His interpretation of chicka chicka boom boom

And of himself.
They looked in a mirror first then did the drawing.
I'm not sure what I love more. the nose or the teeth

when we got home we had a snack and Molly once again reminded me that she is growing up too fast.
And she is the only one that will smile when I get the camera out.


this is all Emilie will give me
What thoughts are flowing behind those amazing dark eyes...

At dance class she is all smiles!
And that is enough to make me all smiles.

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