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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

if I had a million dollars...

I would hire someone to clean my bathrooms. I HATE cleaning my bathrooms. We have a little house with three little bathrooms and it still sucks. I'm constantly having a stand off with myself. Should I clean them today? Nope, not today. It usually takes a kid throwing up or some other crazy situation to get me in there with cleaning supplies.
The crazy situation that got me in there yesterday was Molly's need to raise herself and now potty train herself. You go girl! Let me know if you need a wipe.
But I can't have my little Molls climbing up down a nasty potty. I do have my limits.

anyway my husband has his limits and one of them is a nasty toilet seat. He changes toilet seats like Emilie changes outfits. ALL OF THE TIME. When we moved in he changed the plastic ones to wood then the wooden ones back to plastic because the wood on the underside stains, etc. But this new round of seats are awesome! Especially for someone like me who waits until all craziness before I clean them.

They come completely off with a little click! Genius!!

Now I have the cleanest toilet and toilet seat!! Don't be too jealous. I'm sure he will hate these for some stupid reason and change them out next week.

I finally laced up these giants and am loving it. My 5 weeks of do nothing except eat and complain about being sick really didn't help my thighs, gut and brain. I ran 3 days in a row and ran too far each time. But why not! My running play-list is AWESOME and I haven't heard it in 5 weeks. It was like seeing an old friend that knows just what to say to make me feel better. Maybe not but you know what I mean. I'm taking today off to let everything in my body regroup before I jet out the door tomorrow. And yes Ann Marie I will run toooooooooooo far again. hahahahahaha jokes on me, I know.


 I can't stop taking pictures of these sweet little feet. I think because one day she is going to have my giant feet and we will both look back a her "little" feet pictures and smile. Or at least I will. she will probably be telling me what an awful mother I am and its all my fault she gets made fun of in gym.
ahaha the teen years.....

At least she is doing her part now torturing me with her climbing skills and obsession with the phone.


  1. I love cute little feet too. I am unwilling to admit how long it has been since I have hit the pavement... Longer than 5 weeks for sure:)

  2. JDaniel went through the phone stage. I was afraid he would call Australia.

  3. I am literally holding myself back from running out and buying 3 of those toilet seats RIGHT NOW! 5 boys in the family makes for some major nastiness! What a great find!!

    Love the tootsies too!

    Glad you are feeling good enough to run again!!

  4. "He changes toilet seats like Emilie changes outfits."


    It is lines like this that make printing out the blog for later in a life a necessity. :)


  5. I'm having such a great time tonight catching up on your posts :) I love how they read like letters you almost wrote to me about your life. I also love how similar our lives are and now that I am done telling you how much I <3 you, please kindly share your running playlist with me. Mine could use a few updates. Thanks & glad you're feeling better. (and that you got some 1 on 1 time with the kids!)


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