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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Emilie's day!

For two years Emilie has watched Colin go to preschool
Today was finally her turn!
Tonight when I was putting Emilie to bed she told me at school it was harder having me gone.
I actually teared up.
 Emilie loves to do things without me around. she is so independent. It was nice for me to hear she does like having me around.

The parents hung around for the first half of the class.
During that time her very sweet teacher read the kissing hand book.
It is such a great book. A little raccoon doesn't want to go to school so his mommy kisses his hand so he will have her kiss with him all day.
Mrs. K had us do that to our Little's and then she put a heart sticker in their hands.
Emilie was so sweet about it.

She also started dance this week. In true Dana fashion I got Emilie the wrong size tights.
But she told me that she loved them anyway.
Thanks Em...
i am a little bummed they had the blinds down during the first class.
Oh well...I could still see her smile.
And smile, and smile.
She told me when she was done that she wants to dance everyday all day

When we got home she showed me all her sweet moves.
Including this amazing somersault

Even Molly got into the action a tried a few somersaults


I love seeing this sister relationship grow

Emilie can seem like a tough little one but when it comes to her sister she is putty in her hands

and molly totally ROCKS these orange boots

And I can not end this post without showing how awesome Molly and Colin are together. Molly does whatever Colin does.
She drives little cars around the house making the famous car sounds and is always looking to see if he sees her.
He is so patient with her and even lets her get in his way.

I am so lucky


  1. Ah..the kissing hand gets me every time!! What a sweet idea with the heart!! S-girl is very much the same. She is so independent!!

    Love the pictures!!

  2. that top pic of emilie is so perfect! and i LOVE how intense she is at her dance!


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