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Sunday, September 26, 2010


I bought this Polly Pocket swimming pool thing awhile back for Emilie way before little Molly graced us with her presence. The thing is so cheesy and is always falling apart but Emilie Loves it. When we first got it she played with it everyday getting water everywhere. Then I hid it....Then she found it and told me to please not hide it again.
those damn Polly's....Molly loves them. she loves to eat their shoes, little tops, cute tiny skirts and this morning she kept shoving in her mouth the little tiny Polly clothes hangers.
You would think I would get smart and not let all of those tiny things lay all over the floor. But I'm not. i just keep hoping, like the stairs Molly will just figure it out.
After all, 3rd Born's pretty much just raise themselves. (That's why they are so awesome)

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  1. ANd wait until you have the fourth! wink wink They not only raise themselves...they cook and clean too!! ha ha

  2. you are too good. i'm pretty sure i don't have the patience for a doll swimming pool. go dana!


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