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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When I first had my second born I always wondered how I was going to find separate time with each of them. But I did and it really wasn't that hard.
Then when miss Molly joined us I thought there was going to be no way I would be able to find separate time with the 3 of them.
Today was the first time I took molly somewhere fun (not doctor, errands, ext.) without her brother or sister. It was so great. She has such a fun personality and it's really easy to be around her.
So off we went (thanks to Big molly 's info) to Fox Hollow family farm...

First stop...chickens
She loved watching them scratch around and yell at each other

Then she spotted a rooster in the bushes

And what a handsome rooster he is

Then he crock a doodled doed and that was the icing on the cake

Next stop...petting goats, pigs, sheep's oh my!

I wanted a picture of her petting one of the sweet farm animals but she wasn't going to have it.

She needed her mama to stay close....ahaha

Cute hair shot...

This time of year the spiders are everywhere. why is that? I should google it.  They all look like this one. Tan with stripes. This little lady was making her web and I couldn't resit the urge to take a photo of it.

She was fascinated with one of the baby peacocks and its fascination with the bunnies. This was also my first time seeing a baby peacock. they really aren't that cute.

This dude or dudette on the other hand....AWESOME!

It was great.


While the girls slept this afternoon I got my time with Colin. And my time with him means a lot. It does with the girls too but now that he has started school the opportunities will be less and less.
He rode his bike and I ran. It was perfect. We both did one of favorite things and we got to do them together.

After Doug left for work and the kiddos got done inhaling dinner I let them in on a surprise... Let soak up the last of the sun and walk to town for some ice cream! And when I say town I mean McDonald's down by Safeway.

Off we went...soaking up the sun.

The cones were giant and dipped in yummy chocolate. Emilie was in heaven!

Sooooo good...

I think she was in shock that she was getting some.

Emilie gave molly the last of her cone. Molly ate it like a treasure that someone would take away from her at any moment.

I love days like today...Tomorrow is Molly's Dr check up with shots. Sorry little one...


  1. that goat was making a bee line for you!

    the ice cream pics reminded me of when i was little and we'd go to dairy queen as a family.

  2. Isn't it fun to have the special one on one time. I'm loving it with L-boy..then when S-girl gets home I get to have time with her while L-boy sleeps. I'm in heaven!!

    Your pictures are delightful!! I totally want one of those big haired chickens!! Maybe next year.

    My fave is the walking one..with the sun beams shining down!! Perfect!

  3. Hi! I'm local from Seattle and I'm a fellow mom blogger! Saw your blog on Seattle Mom Blogs!


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