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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Best Meatballs...Ever...

I thought I was the coolest thing ever tonight. I picked up some ground buffalo at whole foods, which is on sale for 4.99lb and made awesome buffalo balls (ha ha). Onions, shredded carrots and mushrooms, wholewheat bread crumbs, 1 egg and the secret ingredient....grated Parmesan cheese. They where so good. I pictured Colin and Emilie eating them and telling me how amazing they where between each giant bite. I even wore my super cute apron...
And yes those are PJ bottoms. That is just the kind of day it was.
But, they didn't like them. Actually the words I think Colin used was "Do I really have to east these?" don't. What would you like eat...

Molly liked them!!
 At least two of us did. Make that 3. I'm sure Doug will eat them when he gets home at 4am
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I guess this won't be labeled as a good idea... It was a good try and I loved them.

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  1. I did like them so that makes three - that's why they were missing when you woke up! Make them again and they will disappear again. Love the late night/early morning snacker


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