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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh mister sun, sun mister golden sun...

Thank you for shinning down on us!

We headed out this morning to enjoy the sunshine at the zoo. But every parking spot was full by 1130 am and I'm not good with crowds. One very crowded bathroom with all of my kids would just throw me over the edge.

Off to Seattle Center we went. Plenty of parking a no crowds. Plus at lunch we got to watch the national Yo-Yo championships. No joke.

My patient little boy can always find a place to drive his cars

I thought this garage door was really cool and so did the kiddos

How could you not love a giant fountain with music

Best view in town

We love the Space Needle

All adventures must come to an end.
Until tomorrow...
Then we get to celebrate little Molly's birthday!!

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