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Monday, July 4, 2011

part 2

On our last full day in Montana we headed over to a nearby  field full of these amazing purple flowers to try to get a picture of my three kiddos together.

We ended up getting some really great pictures!

This one is my favorite

Once we were done taking pictures in the field of flowers we continued on our way on our morning walk.
Molly loved the walk. She would collect rocks and flowers, push baby in her stroller and loved watching the dogs dart in and out of the woods.

My sister was up ahead with Colin, Emilie and the dogs. Max kept coming back to check on me and Molly
 He is such a great dog!
On the 3rd it was Max and his bro's 6th birthday.
I can't believe he is already 6....

It was a perfect morning.

We finished the day off with some BBQ s'mores. 
You would think after all of those years of fighting fires I would love being around a camp fire. 
I love camp fires and I do like the smell.
I HATE the smell afterwards. In our clothes, hair, camera etc.
The BBQ was a perfect option for us.

As long as Colin is moving he is happy.
If he is being chased by someone or something he is even happier!

Colin is always a great running partner

Saturday we made it home safe after our long 10 hour drive. Thankfully I had my sister with me on the way home. It was so nice having a grownup to talk to.
Once home we tossed everything inside, where most of it still sits waiting to be put away, and started celebrating this great country!!

Happy 4th!

Last years trip to the cabin

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