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Thursday, June 30, 2011

here we go...

Summer is officially here!
Before we could truly settle into our summer routine of doing whatever we wanted we needed to do one more thing.
 Emilie's first dance recital.
It was fantastic! She was so brave.
Seeing her on that big stage made me so proud.
Lots of tears and cheers were shed that night.

The perfect way to welcome summer
 A night with friends roasting s'mores.


Our first trip to Montana this summer
Just me and the kids in a very packed truck.

I love how Duke {my sisters dog, Max's brother} enjoys the lake. He sits, sometimes lays in the water and watches. Never swims, just sits.

Molly is loving the cabin this year!
I love that I captured a picture of her running. She is all knocked-kneed and elbows out.

Emilie is also loving the cabin. Except for the mosquitoes. They are stressing her out.

A trip to the cabin is not complete without at least one boat ride turtle cove.

Now we are off to go do what ever we want!
Have a great Thursday!


  1. What a wonderful set of pictures. The trip looks great! The kids look so happy!

  2. Every picture you take of me I seem to have a beer. I don't drink that much beer! You're giving me a complex. Love you and the pictures always make me smile. Me


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