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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Last days...

The last few days we were at the cabin Grammy came to town. Once she was unpacked little miss Molly was all hers and we were free to leave the cabin during the day (Molly naps a lot)

All  of us got into the lake. Even me!! I never swim but this day was  special. It was really hot and those sweet faces really wanted me jump in. And I did!! I actually did a half ass canon ball.
But I did have a life jacket on and I quickly swam to two floats. I am such a wimp :-)

Once moll's woke up from her snooze, Grammy brought her down to say hi.

Colin loved wearing Molly's floaty ring. I promise I am not that "Safety first"

Grammy took Emilie for a four wheeler ride and Em fell asleep! I love it!

 On our last night we spent the evening next door and Emilie found out why hammocks are so awesome

 so did Colin

This giant moth,bug, what ever it is was always by our door in the morning. Same place everyday. 

 Doug and I even got a date night. I drove the 4 wheeler and  finally got to see him ride his bike 

you gotta love date night 

Happy summer!!


  1. Love these pictures! Especially that last one. Wow! Looks like you guys had a great time! Congrats on jumping in the lake and living in the moment!

  2. What glorious pictures! Love those tall evergreens. I've never been to Montana but i want to go so.bad!

    The hammock picture is really sweet too :-)

  3. happy summer indeed, that looks like an an amazing time. Love that she passed out on the 4 wheeler, you really wore them out that's for sure. That is the most beautiful moth I have ever seen. Fun times, thanks for sharing.

  4. These pictures are AMAZING! Really, really, really! I can't believe the scenery, either!

    How does one fall asleep on a 4 wheeler trip?

    Your guest post has been getting an amazing response, BTW!


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