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Thursday, July 7, 2011

catch up

Good morning America! It's your day! 
Oops that was 4 days ago. 
Time stops when kids are throwing up all over the place.
It's Thursday night, everyone is feeling better and I finally get to post a ton of photos with very few words.

I tried to get a fun shot of the three of them.
Not so fun.

Before I get to the 4th of July. Here are some fun photos of the 3rd.
We have always been in Montana on the 4th. With or without family and always mellow.
This year we got to be with friends who have become family and had an amazing time.
Thank you friends!!

I think the kids had almost as much fun as the grown ups.

These ear muffs (as Emilie calls them) got our kiddos through the night without one complaint.

Two of my favorites! 
A Chinese house (pagoda) would have made it a perfect three.

These even help a sweet little girl take a nap during the big show

Now back to the 4th.
We started the day with a fun hike down below our home 

It was fun seeing the kiddos in their own little backpacks.

We finished this great day off with friends.
Smoke bombs and sparklers
Isn't that what it is all about when you are a kid?

 Oh...and these...
thank you Gabe and Brooke for the amazing show!!
On the 3rd and the 4th

On the night of the forth it was mostly just Colin and Gabe.
Colin was is pure 6 year old heaven. Gabe let him pick which firework came next and oh my the lanterns. So cool!!

 The picture isn't that great but you can get the idea. 
All of the little lights are fireworks.
It was amazing! 
Just a few steps from our doorstep we had the best show in town!

We as in me and Colin. Back home Molly, Emilie and Doug were throwing up, dry heaving and all of the other extras that come with the stomach flu.
We as in me and Colin were running around the neighborhood having a great time until 11pm.
The next day after many baths this is where I found Molly sleeping.

Time for the little sick bed (Molly's old crib mattress) to come out and to start washing the many loads of towels/clothes/blankets.
You know, all of the awesome parts that come with the stomach flu.

We made it through this awful sickness and we are ready for the weekend. 
What should we do??
Beach, bike ride? Both?

Happy Friday! We all made it!


  1. Ear muff are such a great idea! Your pictures are amazing. I love all the color and action in them.

    Glad the little ones are feeling better.

  2. Your 4th of July pancakes rock! Also, what setting did you use on your camera to get such great fireworks shots. Mine always turn out weird.


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