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Friday, April 29, 2011

A little of this and a little of that...{alot&alot}

I did it! I finally finished something!
I obsessed, lost sleep and drank too much wine doing this silly puzzle. But I did it, and now I can have my table and my time back.

*Bread update* 
Still awesome and Colin agrees. His faces looks like he doesn't like it  but he does. He is just trying to smile while chewing.

Any bets on this awesome rats nest coming out of Molly's hair tonight?

I wish I could say it was only a day old. but it's not. I'm not even sure how old it is. There are so many things that I wish I was. Example: Book reader, non procrastinator, minimalist, bread maker , give my kids baths every night, read books to my kids every night, keep on the laundry, the list could go forever. But I do know that I love my kids and I am the best mom I can be. Even if they don't get a bath every night.

Even when she does get a bath she looks like a train wreck.

Like I said. He never. stops. running. Colin is the blur behind the coolest real green grass.

How many tries does it take for a 2 year old to get Polly pocket shoes on?





The world will never know. The fact that she didn't give up and eat the shoes is a huge deal!

The weekend is here and we actually have more then one thing planed. Very exciting! T-ball on Saturday and All day dirt biking for Colin on Sunday. Even I am excited for that one.
Have an AWESOME weekend!


  1. In happier news, it might actually not rain all over your sports weekend. :) Look at Molly go with the Polly Pockets! Sam

  2. I've just about given up on bathing my kiddos. What's the point?? :) My 2-year-old boy likes to twirl his hair in his fingers when he's sleepy, and he gets the gnarliest hard to get out. I've had to cut off a little bit of hair a few times. That Molly is adorable even with crazy hair! :)


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