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Thursday, April 28, 2011

catch up

I've had this little puzzle out on the table this week and everyday I've been sitting down and working on it. To my surprise Emilie has been the perfect puzzle partner. She doesn't talk much, she works hard and she is a master at finding edge pieces. I'm really surprised that I'm still working on this puzzle. I tend to get board with things pretty fast but I'm finding that when I work on this puzzle it relaxes me. I wonder if this is what book readers feel like when they sit down to read a good book. relaxed and recharged. When I sit down to read a book my mind wanders, I fidget and in the end I  get up and try reading the 4 pages I barely got through again in a few years. The books my kiddos are into are about my level of book reading. I've always wanted to be a book reader but I've accepted the fact that I'm not and I will always be a magazine/blog reader.

Since Easter it has rained, rained and rained. And to make  this spring even more special it SNOWED last night! Those better be some amazing flowers in May that these April showers are bringing.

These next few pictures make me laugh. Little miss Molly has such a funny personality and the facial expressions she makes are awesome! And those front can you not love them.

It's almost Friday and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be sunny this weekend, or at least not raining. Colin gets to take his dirt bike out for a spin since last fall and I really want it to not be soggy.

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