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Thursday, April 21, 2011

week catch up

This week was fun. Long but fun.
 I love it when Colin falls asleep on the couch. He hardly ever does it. But when he does it is awesome!

Colin had his first t-ball game this weekend.
 It was fun. Long but fun.
This picture is mostly so I can make fun of myself.
How awesome am I  in my hat that I wear everyday.
Even more awesome then me is the gal with sweatpants  pulled up.
 Totally something I would do.

Now stop laughing at me and take a look at Colin's awesome swing and focus!

Check out the cool background of their game.

As I was scrolling through my pictures of the week I came across Doug's first love... Bi%&h

In Emilie's preschool class they grew beans from a seed. Since we brought her's home and put it in a bigger pot it has tripled in size. Check out what it did...Do you see it?

I can't believe it! It's produced offspring! 

Something got into this Non-crafting mama today and we did some serious crafting.
It was either gilt or just the spirit of the holiday.

either way the kiddos loved it!

Once he got a chance Colin tore into 4 eggs and ate all of them.

After all of the excitement of doing crafts this poor little lady fell asleep.

Once Molly was finally rescued from her crib she got to get her crafting on.

Did I mentioned she potty trained herself this week. Oh I didn't? Well, she did and she is awesome!

 Emilie then moved her sick train onto the floor in the kitchen so she could be near us.

Then this little rock star gathered up her strength to finish coloring her eggs.
She truly is amazing when she is sick. 
She is overwhelmingly kind, appreciative and just wants to sleep. All opposites of her normal personality.

Hello pretty eggs.

Tomorrow I hope to finally finish two of the crafts we started yesterday and maybe clean the house. Probably not going to do either of those things. But, you never know.
Have a Fantastic Friday!!

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  1. Gah, you guys remind me so much of me I can't stand it. Colin & Jimmy could race each other all day I'm sure. My guy never stops either. Hello, that is the coolest TBall location EVER!! and you look adorable in your hat. Sorry Miss Em was feeling bad - she sounds just like Caroline. We're right behind you on potty training & putting Josh in to his own bed. Please, please, please let our transition go smoothly.


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