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Monday, April 25, 2011

full weekend

This weekend started out warm and beautiful. The sun came out and made promises of a warm Easter. 
But just like every Easter in the Pacific Northwest the sun was making empty promises and it poured buckets of rain

Little miss has  been crazy sick since last week. High fever and sore throat. All she wanted to do on Friday was curl up in the sun and take a nap.

Even birdie was worried about her.

I had so many awesome plans for our backyard. Which are all on hold until next year because of the soggy spring we are having.
My little garden is back to where it was last year. It's nice to see plants in ground. Even if it they are back in the same spot.

This summer is going to be so much more fun. Molly is finally old enough to truly enjoy the backyard and all of the fun stuff out there.

Poor sick Emilie. She tried to enjoy the outside. But after 30 min she curled back up in the sun.

Bubbles are always fun

Blue skies are always fantastic

Easter morning was great!
The kiddos loved it and we loved it. Family and friends came and enjoyed the day with us. Even though it rained and rained and rained it was a fantastic day.

Baskets were found

Chocolate bunnies were eaten 

Molly was also old enough this year to sorta "get" Easter. It was great watching her love every minute of it.

Big sister helped her explore her basket of goodies.

She had no problem figuring out what this amazing treat was.

She is so darn cute!

The clouds parted long enough for us to have a little egg hunt with friends. 
"little" Molly always has to hold "big" Molly's hand anytime they are near each other. So cute.

Egg one of many found.

Molly had a hard time not enjoying each of her eggs as she found them.

This is why I have very few pictures of Colin. He never stops running.

Molly {heart} Jack

Great group shot of friends and family.

Youngest and oldest of our family
Little Molly with her Grandpa

Such a great Easter!
Thank you everyone for helping us make it such a great Holiday.

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  1. Boo to sickness! I love that your parakeet was just hanging out. Looks like you had a great Easter, too!


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