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Friday, October 22, 2010

Another day at the farm

Back to Thomasson's farm we went. All of us this time.
Colin of course had a fantastic time and Emilie loved showing us around. But molly...Oh my sweet little Molly has gone head first into the terrible 1 1/2's. Anytime I hold her hand she falls to the ground. Anytime I hold her she does a giant u turn on my arm and I end up holding her like a football. Agh..Help me get through this phase. Thankfully it only last 2 years....then the new chapter starts.
There was a highlight in her tantrums. She loves it when her daddy holds her. She is a perfect angel with him and he can have her!

She was so bitter with me she was extra buck-toothed when she would look and scowl at me.

Molly's fits didn't bother Emilie. She had a great time

These two have really bonded this year. It's been really neat to watch. they still fight like cats and dogs but when they are getting along its awesome!

And yes Molly was pissed off she couldn't ride the cool giant tricycles like her big bro and sis

But she had a great time in the hay maze

So cute!

She has us so wrapped around her finger

One day I will have my own farm and Colin can learn how to drive on our tractor!

Chances are that Emilie will be the one teaching him how to drive

One day I will look back at theses pictures and wish that they were still small enough to fit in a wheel barrow and wonder were the time went...

At the end of the day we all had a great time and I didn't freak out about the crowd. I'm trying....I think we are going to try the zoo this weekend.

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