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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Warning....Lots of pictures

Last weekend we spent our very rainy Saturday at the aquarium and the science museum. We headed out and I thought it was going to be the same ole' Aquarium visit. the kids run around all crazy and Molly freaks out that she is in the stroller the whole time.
But...This time was very cool! Molly finally gets it! She is so aware of her world around her and it was so much fun to watch. Every fish she saw she would tell who was ever standing around her all about it in her jiberish language.

And, they had this fun pumpkin scavenger hunt going on. Every time we found a pumpkin carved with this design the kiddos got a healthy treat. LOVED IT!!

Once we were done with the aquarium we headed off to Seattle center and we found this awesome "fountain". It was actually a fountain. It would be so much fun to revisit in the summer. Although the kiddos loved it on this rainy day.

We finally got a family photo!!

We can find fun anywhere

We went into the butterfly exhibit and I only got two pictures.
Reason 1. Molly is/was crazy
Reason 2. Its super hot and humid in the butterfly's home
Reason 3. People, people and more rude people.
All of those things together = see ya
One good thing was I got to see a butterfly plop out of its cocoon and that was crazy cool!!

I need to  remind myself when we head out for an adventure that my kiddos are still so young and everything is still  new to them and I need to look at things like they do. Seeing Molly so excited was amazing. I'm usually pregnant at this point in the game. I've never had a 20 month old and not been prego tired, bitter, cranky, etc....
I hope I can be that mom for them.

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