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Monday, September 3, 2012

peachy saturday

These little army dudes came home with me last Saturday.
I can't believe these are the first to enter our home. 
Watching Doug and Colin battle with rubber bands was hilarious. 

Something I have never done.

Thank god Colin has his dad.

Good morning...
She is patiently waiting for her coffee.

Once the boys battle was over I talked myself into trying to make some peach butter.
Emilie was the perfect helper.
She cleaned and dried all of the jars
And oooo and ahhhed with me over every step.

Thank you Washington for being so fantastic!

My little peach showing off all of her hard work.
We where both amazed at how easy it was to peal them using the boiling/cold bath strategy. 
Instant gratification. 

Until this moment Emilie never gave peaches a chance.
She rarely tries a new thing
On Saturday she took a leap of faith and tried some peach butter.

"It's amazing" she said.
Yes it is little lady, yes it is.

Thankfully my amazing friend Molly had a giant pot we could borrow.
Thankfully she just lives up the street.

We did it!
This is only half.
The second round of butter was lucky enough to be an beautiful jars handed down to me from my Grammy.

On a completely different subject...
This is my new love.
I love, love, love this cleaner.
I've used it in every room in my house.
the smell is awesome and the quality is fantastic!

That cool little  replenish pod screws onto the bottom and make 3 bottles.
You just add water.
I found mine at Safeway.

time to sleep.
Little dude starts 2nd grade tomorrow.

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