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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Only three very short days until Colin starts school. 
Where did the summer go?
As much as I love fall and the amazing smells that go along with the changing of the season I will miss even more the freedom of summer.

Something changed in me this last week.
I have been a lot more "present" in my kiddos days.
I'm not sure if its because Doug switched to working days and I'm the only adult around or if we are all wanting to be around our new little addition.
Either way I am loving it.
Bike rides, walks and lots of talks has been exactly what this mama's heart needed.

I'm also feeling a lot more connected to Doug. 
On this shift I get to see him with the kiddos in the morning and then after the kiddos are tucked  in bed he gets home and we get to hang out and visit with out any kid interruptions.

{Keeping my fingers crossed that he can keep this shift.}

Friday was all about wheels.
We went for a fun bike ride in the afternoon  on the trail. We even got to bring Paisley.
{I think she liked it.)

After dinner we went up to the park so Molly could practice her training wheel bike and Colin and Emilie played on the spinning 3-wheeler.

We even paused for a few minuted to pick blackberries.
I love that we live somewhere that something so yummy and free is everywhere this time of year.

Even Molly got into the picking this year.

Emilie loves it the most.
She takes it very seriously.

Even the cleaning and serving part.

Another fantastic bonus this time of year are all of the road side Dahlia stands.
I had a friend {who I am so lucky to have in my life} stop by and suprised me with a giant bouquet of my favorite pom-pom  dahlia's.
Friends are so awesome.

Speaking of friends.
These two I think are finally friends.
 Louie, my sisters little pup has been working his little tail off to win the love of Paisley.
He finally wore her down and she lets him lay next to her.

Like I said...
Friends are awesome.

I'm off to read about jarring peaches.
Wish me luck.

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  1. Dana,
    I love reading your blogs. Such a good mommy you are!! Those peaches made me hungry!! The kids are getting big. Your photos are great.


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