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Monday, September 10, 2012

First week

 This week started out perfect!
First my mom took the girls for the day/night to go clothes shopping.
While that where trying on tutu's and twirling threw Macy's
Doug and I got Colin all to ourselves.

It worked out perfect.
Some much need time was spent with the future 2nd grader.

We scooped him up in the morning and drove to the museum of flight.
Just the three of us.

It was perfect. 

We walked threw the museum as slow as we wanted.
Reading  signs with interruption from cute little girls wanting to twirl threw the museum.  

Colin was finally able to look at the little model airplanes as long as he wanted.

I saw so many things I've never seen before.
Things that blew my mind.

The faith those pilots had back then.
Faith that piece of wood would get up and go.

The best part of having just him was that he was my little boy again.

Not the amazing, patient, funny big brother that he has become.

just my little dude that loves airplanes, holding my hand, lots of hugs and has the biggest, best smile around.

This guy is pretty darn awesome too.

The next day was his first day of school.
He picked banana cream pie to celebrate that day.
It was soooooo good!

Few days latter came little misses first day.
She was so excited!!

After school she rode the bus home and we tore into her dulce de leche pie.

She was so tired from her first day but loved sharing her pie with friends.

{Side note}
This week Doug and Paisley became even better friends.
Did not think that was possible.
She loves him so much.

 Friday night came and I was finally able to fulfill a dream that I had had all summer.
The dream that everyone comes out and spend the evening together.
Awesome kids, even more awesome moms, some wine, snacks and a card table is all that was needed to fulfill that dream.

I have this quote on my wall
"What will you do today that will make you proud next year?"

Things happen this week that I know will make me proud next year.
Things that I should have done a long time ago.
Things that made Friday and this weekend perfect.

Saturday we spent Doug's birthday with him riding rides and playing in the water.
My best friend took the kiddos for the night so Doug and I could take off and shove our face with sushi and roll home.

Sunday was the icing on the cake.

The kiddo and I got to celebrate a little ladies birthday with her and hang out at this very special place.

There was a bouncy house, yummy food, buggy rides and the best part the amazing grandpa of the birthday girl took my kiddos for a VERY special digger/loader ride.

This was above and beyond.
I can't even put into words how grateful that made me feel.

These are the moments that make me really miss my dad.

He did not have to take my kiddos on the digger.
But he did
 and with a smile.
Such an amazing man.

Thank you

This week Molly starts preschool and both girls start ballet.
And this girl gets to fly away on her annual girls weekend to Mexico.

I know, I suck.

Last year we got to help release baby turtles.
I wonder what this year will bring?????

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