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Friday, February 17, 2012

Montana cont....

The sun was out almost everyday.
It made everything that much better.

We took a break from sledding one day to take advantage of the giant soccer/ baseball field the lake could be used as.

 Everywhere we went it looked like a train wreck of stuff.

It was also a perfect canvas for these little artist

Can't forget to do Colin's math homework

And Emilie's writing homework.

Emilie did so good learning how to play baseball.

Flat surface + boogie board = super fast flat ground sledding

Most of the toys we played with all week are the same toys we platy with all summer.

He is such a great teacher.
He did not get his patience from me.

To make it easier on us at the end of week we left the water off.
If we didn't have the amazing neighbors that we have it would not have been possible.
Their kindness and generosity made it possible because I would take all of these containers over at least once a day to gather water and do dishes.

We would put food out every morning for the birds.

Molly loved it!

I would also like to give a big thanks Vino Solo...

I put the camera down long enough to take a few runs.
Growing up I never wore a helmet. Should have but didn't.
I thought on this sledding trip it would be a good idea since we where an hour from medical help and I'm getting old.

We finally got some trucks for our little guy.

The last two days it snowed and snowed.

That snow falling from the sky made a perfect ending to our week.

It was really hard to leave and say goodbye to the quiet, privacy and freedom.
It was really nice to get home to family, friends and running water.

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